Why Life is better as a Yogi

meditation-outdoor-2560x1440People often think that yoga is just stretching, and yes although there may be a lot of stretching involved, yoga is really all about creating balance within the body through the development of strength and flexibility. Asides from helping you twist your body like a pretzel and finding your inner peace, yoga will improve your life in numerable reasons. So roll out your mat and get yourself started.


A Norwegian study has found that the practice of yoga will result in gene expression changes, boosting your immunity at a cellular level. The researchers believe that these changes are quick to occur, happening while participants of the study were still on their mats. By breathing, moving, and circulating, all your organs are more likely to function better than before.

Feel strong and bend like a pretzel, all while your posture is looking nothing less than perfect

With the constant stretching of your muscles, yoga will help you move better, feel less stiff and tired, and improve your muscle tone. Good posture comes from strength and flexibility and yoga’s constant focus on core strength will make you much more likely to sit and stand tall. Yoga also increases your body awareness helping you notice if you’re slumping and slouching.


Do it like they do on the discovery channel

Yoga poses help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, by physically increasing blood flow to the genital area, which is important for arousal and erections. Many yogis claim that it improves sexual functions and treats sexual disorders and studies have found that 12 weeks of yoga will actually improve sexual desire, arousal, performance, orgasm, satisfaction and confidence.

Sleep like a baby

With deep breaths that reset your mind into a focused and sharp state, the meditative aspects of yoga will leave you sleeping better and feeling rejuvenated. Researchers from Harvard found that eight weeks of daily yoga have actually helped improve the sleep of insomniacs.


“One love, one heart, one destiny”

The calming benefits of yoga help to lower blood pressure and improve respiratory function and heart rate. The practice has also shown proven benefits for those who have had heart events such as cardiac arrest and heart attacks by aiding the management of acute emotional stress caused by such events.

Follow your intuition

Often times our intuition is lost from tension in our mind and body, switching our body to survival mode. Yoga practice helps release tension by calming your mind, allowing your intuitive nature to take over. Keep calm and meditate.

Feel blessed out, not stressed out. Whether or not you choose to open up to the spiritual side of yoga, the practice focuses on getting connected. Remember these benefits the next time you step onto your mat as being a yogi is all about aligning your mind with your body.

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