What it’s Like to Love and Lose Your Soulmate

What it’s Like to Love and Lose Your Soulmate

You meet this person and the first thing you notice is that you laugh at all the same things. You click in a way that you’ve never seemed to click with someone before. You fall for them (terribly) and everything is easy and effortless. The days fly by and then months and you realize that everything feels familiar. You see bits of yourself in their soul and you just know that your souls are intertwined. It’s as if in another life, you were together and you were brought together again in this lifetime. You are certain that he is your soulmate and you are his. You think how lucky you are to have found your soulmate so young. You think how perfect could this be.

Slowly you start to take him for granted. You forget that he can’t read your mind. You forget that just because you finish each others sentences doesn’t mean you no longer need words to communicate. You forget to tell him you love him because he should already know. So you drift apart even though your souls are trying to pull you together.

You fight but you try to work it out because you feel in your heart that you are destined to be together. Why else would this epic love be placed in your life? If not to be your happily ever after, why? The conflicts become too frequent to bear and you continue to drift apart. You realize you love them but aren’t in love with them. So you do what you thought was unbearable and you walk away.

You don’t resent him. How could you? You were soulmates who were fortunate enough to meet. I think a lot of people think that soulmates are once in a lifetime. Or think that they will marry their soulmate. That’s not the case. Some people do marry their soulmates but a lot don’t. Sometimes they are too overwhelming and all consuming. Soulmates merely come into our lives to teach us lessons (mainly about love).

What it’s Like to Love and Lose Your Soulmate

So you love your soulmate and then lose them but not entirely. You still love them and they will always hold a special place in your heart. Even if you don’t stay in touch, even if years pass and no words are ever exchanged. You know that they are a part of you, forever.

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