The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

T-Swifty. We know all the lyrics to your songs and jam along whenever they’re on (which is all the time because we have your album on repeat in our office). But we’ve also followed your boyfriend chronicles and are not very impressed with your behaviour (although secretly wished we dated Harry Styles too). Taylor Swift is like that one friend you find so annoying because she calls you every night with her boy problems, but you can’t help but love her because you know she’s really just a sweetheart that means well. Oh TayTay, so misunderstood. We love you, but we also hate you just the same.

We love that she sings exactly what we feel.

Taylor Swift
Her lyrics are simple and easy to understand. They’re all about relationships, and let’s face it – we can all relate to relationship problems. Her songs allow us to belt out what we really feel about our exes or current crushes. And you can’t even deny that you jammed out to “22” on your 22nd birthday (and for all the other days you were 22).

We hate that she’s obviously way too into herself.

Taylor Swift
She prances around in her music videos like she’s nonchalantly the cutest thing in the world. We get it – you think you’re cute. Taylor plays very innocent and naive in her videos, but we think she looks like she’s trying to hard sometimes. Girl, you’re always playing different roles in your videos, why don’t you play a less try-hard version of yourself for a change?!

We love her awkward dancing.

Taylor Swift
It makes us feel better knowing that someone as cute as Taylor is just as awkward at dancing as we are. She embraces her awkward dancing and we think that’s cute! You do you, TayTay.

We also hate her awkward dancing.

Taylor Swift
It makes us uncomfortable sometimes.

We love that she can take a joke.

Taylor Swift
She knows how to laugh at herself and doesn’t take herself too seriously. We admire that. Remember that time when she made her own t-shirt in light of a viral Tumblr post? Hilarious.

We hate that she’s a serial dater.

Taylor Swift
No one likes a serial dater.

We love that her songs are incredibly catchy.

Taylor Swift
You honestly can’t help but sing and dance to all her songs. You’re lying if you say otherwise. We know we’ve all put up our two fingers and yelled out “I’M FEELIN’ 22!” along with T-Swizzle.

We hate that she always plays the victim.

Taylor Swift
Every song is about a boy who treated her wrong. Wah wah wah. Tay – considering you’ve gone through so many boyfriends, have you ever considered that maybe you’re the problem? You’re not fooling anyone. With a track record like her’s, it’s almost guaranteed she has a chronic crazy bitch condition that resurfaces when there’s a boy in her life (which is all the time?).

Taylor Swift

Do you love or hate Taylor Swift?

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  1. I certainly love her music and I’m in my 40s. Her songs certainly connect with people and her honesty shines through.

    Shake It Off was so darn catchy I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks after hearing it for the first time. That is talent in music writing.

    With the regard to the problem of so many dates being her? Her most recent song “Blank Space” does paint her in a light of being very jealous and a “nightmare dressed like a daydream”.

  2. you who wrote this article.. can you ever think that she’s not the only singer that had a lots of bf’s or whatsoever…. and pls.. don’t dissed her like your her mom or dad….


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