Love What You Do - It's Important To Remind Yourself That Everydayt’s not enough that you have a Love What You Do - It's Important To Remind Yourself That Everydayjob, the other part is to truly Love What You Do. So even when you’re busy Goal Digging, constantly remind yourself that although you may be successful, if you don’t love what you do, the success will go to your head and you’ll never truly be happy. Similar to how it’s important to visualize your goals (like how we did with our Goal Digger sweatshirt), it’s also just as important to remind yourself how to properly get there. And knowing that everyone drinks coffee in the morning, why buy yourself another goddamn “keep calm and carry on” mug when you can have one that actually means something important to you? Which was why the “Love What You Do” much was created.

“perfect vessel to hold your everyday fuel – coffee”

Every morning when you get to work and make yourself that cup of coffee, you’ll reach for your mug and look down at it and glance over the phrase. It’ll remind you to question if you really still do love what you do. If you do, keep at it! You’re going to go places! If not, it may be time to reevaluate your life journey.

Love What You Do - It's Important To Remind Yourself That Everyday

At Destination Femme, we only want the best people working for us (which means motivated writers), and after writing so many articles, you’ll only be motivated if you continue to love what you do.  Which is why we completely advocate finding a career path that you wholeheartedly enjoy. Because if you don’t enjoy your work, pretty soon you’ll burn out and it’ll be easy to see that everything you do isn’t your best.

So if you, like our Femme Network, love what you do, or even need some physical re-affirmation everyday to continue seeking out paths that bring you to the end goal of loving what you do, then this mug will be the perfect vessel to hold your everyday fuel – coffee.

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