Committing to Loving Yourself – Positivity Is The First Step To Moving Forward

Committing to Loving Yourself - It's The First Step To Moving Forward

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Positivity. Do you have it?

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

After a good 8 weeks into 2015, I feel its necessary to talk about something that some of you may be experiencing. Some of you may have made some “resolutions” for the new year, or as I would rather call them “goals“. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you lately…

You feel like you’ve made a million changes in your lifestyle, cutting out different foods, introducing new habits, diet, etc. You’re trying to go to the gym or at least be active 3-4 days a week and its right around now you may have hit a wall. Does some or that entire scenario ring a bell?

Committing to Loving Yourself - Positivity Is The First Step To Moving Forward

In the New Year, I made a fitness goal for myself to get stronger. After changing jobs a few times, moving, getting engaged, and becoming a new step-mom in the past 2 years, I lost a lot of the strength I had worked so hard to build. Life happens. I have never been what you call “naturally fit” person; it was always something I have had to work hard on. This may very well be the case for the majority of you out there. I have also had to work very hard over the years on training myself to see the good things about my body. I, like so many of you women out there, experience a negative focus. I dial in on the negative from time to time.

What do I mean by this?

  • Well do you look in the mirror and go straight for what you hate about your body?
  • Do you see yourself larger then you are?
  • Do you constantly mentally compare yourself to other women around you or in the media?

Committing to Loving Yourself - Positivity Is The First Step To Moving Forward

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions you are not alone. It is so very easy to focus on the negative things about your body and simply just become nothing but frustrated. You’ve made a commitment to changing your lifestyle but have you made the commitment to love yourself as well?

I have made this mistake so many times over. I have a very driven mindset, when I want something I make it happen, and my health is no exception. The one thing that I can tend to forget about it keeping that positive attitude about what I see in the mirror. It is so hard sometimes committing to a healthy lifestyle and mental exhaustion that comes with it is even harder. In my experience, you aren’t going to feel incredible 100% of the time; you’re going to have good and bad days and its okay to have a bad day. The important part is knowing that you can pick it up and get right back on the horse.

So here we are, a few months into a new year and if you do feel like you’ve hit that wall, here are some suggestions to reactivate that goal and help you stay positively focused on the good choices you are making.

Committing to Loving Yourself - Positivity Is The First Step To Moving Forward

Keep a fitness journal.

Write down everything you have done (good and bad) every day. Commit to this because as time passes you will be able to look back and see the great choices you have made and the bad ones will soon disappear. Again, it is okay to have bad days, but own them, pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. When you see the positivity, it will start to build up.


You can write these down or simply say them to yourself. After a workout, every morning, after a healthy meal; whenever it is, tell yourself daily something you love about you and mean it.

Share your journey.

You don’t need to tell the entire world, maybe it’s a co-worker who is on the same journey as you, your mom, your best friend, or maybe it is 100 of your Instagram followers. Share with others the good you are doing for yourself, you never know who you can inspire to start to make the same great choices for themselves. Positivity feeds positivity.

Cut the negativity out of your life now. Commit to positivity.

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