This Machine Is For Tongue Scraping?!

tongue scraping


WTH is this you ask?

For those of you who haven’t heard of this, your initial reaction will probably be much the same as my own upon hearing about this little healthy practice called: tongue scraping.  What this entails is taking a U-shaped metal device and scraping slowly from the back of your tongue to the font. This little device then gathers all of the built up gunk that your body stores on top of your tongue (food, bacteria, etc.) .

Trust me, it does look as gross as it sounds, but it’s not meant to be pretty!

I first heard of tongue scraping when fellow health enthusiast, Gillian Mandich (Holistic Health Diary) started posting, tweeting, Instagramming all about it and I thought, “You want me to do what!? GROSS!”

When you stop to think about what you’re doing, it absolutely sounds disgusting, but on the flip side of that argument, why would you want to leave all these toxins and traces of bacteria on your tongue anyway? Tongue scraping can be beneficial to the body in many ways, but I’ll discuss the two reasons that sold me on it.


Tongue Scraping helps you better enjoy being a foodie:

First digestion; tongue scraping has the ability to allow you to taste your food more capably. Tasting what you are putting into your body will allow your mind to recognize more food flavours and fewer taste buds are blocked as a result. This also stops the mind from having cravings and false cravings, something a lot of us struggle with. (This reason alone sold me on it!)

tongue scraping

Yes. Tongue Scraping is actually really healthy for you:

Secondly, tongue scraping can help to improve the immunity within the body. When we sleep, all of these toxins are reabsorbed back into the body and can severely affect the immune system of the body. The tongue is your first line of defense when it comes to your immune system and by brushing alone,  you are not removing the little guys completely, rather just moving them around! Scraping these toxins off will remove them completely from your mouth and not allow them to be re-absorbed and in turn, helping to improve the body’s immune system and keeping you away from illness!



So, after hearing these informative tidbits, take it in, think about it and then make your decision. I’m not urging your to rush out to a heath food store to make a purchase, sometimes just using the back of a metal spoon works just as well! Give it a try for a few days (even just one!) to see just how much bacteria is left on your  tongue. Think about the small adjustments you can make to keep your body happy and healthy.

tongue scraping

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Tell us:

Would you partake in tongue scraping? Or is that just too much?

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