Why You Should Make Your Bed in the Morning

Why You Should Make Your Bed in the Morning

But I’ll just climb back into my bed tonight…

Why You Should Make Your Bed in the Morning

Making your bed in the morning may seem like the most counterproductive thing anyone can do since you’re just going to climb back into it within 12-15 hours anyways. So what’s the point in making it look so pretty?

It’s the little things that count!

Making your bed is the first and simplest task to complete every morning. Completing this easy and miniscule task gives you a sense of pride that will help produce a domino effect of completing other tasks properly. This sense of accomplishment really helps to reinforce the idea that “the small things really do count“.

Why You Should Make Your Bed in the Morning

If you let this simple task slip by you in the morning, you’ll set yourself forward in mentality that “oh it’s okay I’ll do it later” where you’ll easily push aside things for the rest of the day. Your day will become unproductive and things you may have meant to accomplished won’t be done. Instead of feeling positive from your sense of accomplishment, your mood may be less elevated, causing the rest of your day to become sour.

So give yourself that quick boost of happiness and pull the blankets over your sheets.

Your bed doesn’t have to be done 100% perfectly, as long as you simply pull up the covers, you’ll be well on your way to feeling accomplished.

Become a more organized person.

Not only with your mother be proud of your bed making ethic, but you’ll be benefiting yourself in the long run – throughout the day at least. Actually scratch that, there are long term benefits of making your bed. Once you get into the habit of pulling up your covers every morning, you’ll get into the habit of being an organized person.

Those clothes on the floor clearly look out of place with the well made bed, let’s throw them into the laundry hamper or fold them back up.

Oh that over-filled garbage can? It also doesn’t look the best, let’s empty it and put a new bag in.

Why You Should Make Your Bed in the Morning

You spend most of the time at home in your bedroom, so why would you want it to be mess? Did you know that mess creates stress? By making your bed and cleaning your room, you’re decluttering your space – creating a stress free environment. Make your bedroom a peaceful place where you can go to to relax. Not to look at the clutter and get stressed.

Old habits are hard to break, but it’s always easy to form new ones as well. Once you’ve psychologically hardwired your brain to complete one positive habit, it’ll like the feeling and continue to motivate you to complete others. Pretty soon you’ll have a room that’s ready for a spread in Martha Stewart Living. You’ll be proud to show it off to your friends when they come over and you won’t be scrambling to clean up the mess 10 minutes before they arrive. You’ve already done all of the hard work so now it’s time to reap the benefits.

See how just a quick 1 minute bed making can turn into a life time of positive vibes?

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