Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Make Your Shoes Last Forever

We all have at least three or more pairs of shoes. For each season. We love shoes. They go with our outfits, bring us comfort, and can make us feel confident and look sexy. Shoes are an investment, you pay for the quality (unless you score a major deal) and then you have to take care of them. Now that the fall season is here, this means out with the flip flops and sandals, and in with the flats and cute booties. If you’re worried about scuffing, smelliness, or just ruining your shoes in general, fear not. Below are some tips for prolonging the life of your shoes.


Make Your Shoes Last Forever

These are your babies. You’ve most likely invested $100 or more dollars in these sexy bad boys. So you need to take care of them.

Cleaning: To clean off stains, use a damp cloth. NEVER submerge your leather in water. That is not okay because the leather will shrink. Use a  moisturizing cleaner on your shoes to remove stains. Treat with leather conditioner when the shoe is fully dry.

Maintaining: Store leather shoes away from direct light so the colour doesn’t fade. Once in a while, give you shoes a good polish. Use leather oil to polish and buff the leather to keep it smooth and shiny. Leather oil is important because it keeps your leather from drying which prevents cracks.

Prevention: One thing you should do before you even wear your leather shoes is apply a leather protector over it. This will water proof your leather boots, maintain its appearance, and most of the time protect it from salt stains.


Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Your heels that were courageous with you on your night out to the bar. Not only did your liver take a beating, so did these guys. Make them feel better.

Cleaning: Use a soft-bristle shoe brush to get out dirt from stitching. Using a damp cloth and mild soap, wash off the shoe. Using saddle soap and a soft cloth, clean the shoe once more. To finish up the process use a leather conditioner.

Maintaining & Prevention: Use a wax or polish on your shoe. This will increase the life of your shoes and fend off evil dirt stains.

Suede & Nubuck

Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Think about your cute beige suede booties and how cute they look with your boyfriend jeans. You would cry if something happened to them.

Cleaning: For wet water spots, use a cloth to absorb excess liquid. It will dry quicker this way. If you have dry mud or a crusty stain on your shoe, use a nail file and gently file away the dirt. Be careful so as to not damage the shoe. For oil stains put talcum powder on the stain. Let it sit for a couple hours then remove. To restore, use a suede brush over the cleaned area.

Maintaining: Store suede away from direct light. Do not place shoes in areas where they can come into contact with moisture. Suede can get mouldy so be careful.

Prevention: Before wearing the shoes and every once in a while, spray your shoes with protective spray. Find a multi-use spray that protects from water and stains.


Make Your Shoes Last Forever

These are your comfortable Keds or Vans that you wear running errands. They bring you comfort. They bring you love. So love them back.

Cleaning: If a canvas shoe is stained use a damp cloth with detergent to get the stain off. If the shoe is fully stained, use detergent on a brush and brush off the dirt. You can submerge the shoe under water since it is canvas and will not shrink. After you have washed your shoes, let them air dry.

Maintaining: These shoes are also affected by sunlight and can change colour. Store them away from the light.

Prevention: Spray your shoes with a protective stain spray.


Make Your Shoes Last Forever

You wear these bad boys to the gym. Your blood, sweat, and tears are poured into these shoes. They have helped you get sexy, now you gotta keep them sexy.

Cleaning: You’re in luck, these are the easiest shoes to clean. You can throw these in the washing machine on cold wash. Stuff newspaper into the shoe and let it roll.

Maintaining: Clean your shoes once every three months. Also, follow the baking soda tip below to kill germs and smelliness.

A Word About Smelliness

Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Sometimes when we wear our shoes, bacteria festers making our feet smell bad. There is nothing worse than wearing your favourite Sam Edelman flats to meet your boyfriend’s parents and taking them off to reveal an odour strong enough to wilt a flower. If your shoes truly smell terrible you can try these solutions.

QuickFix – Dryer Sheets: Take a dryer sheet and cut it in half. Stuff one in each shoe. Let them sit for a couple hours.

DIY: In a bowl, combine 2/3 cups of  baking soda with 15 drops of scented oils (rosemary, lavender, tea tree, etc.) Put the baking soda into two socks. Place socks into your shoes overnight. In the morning the smell should be gone!

Baking soda absorbs moisture and odours. Rosemary and tea tree oil are antimicrobial and antibacterial so they kill germs that can cause fungus.

Flat Fix – Try and purchase low cut socks or flat socks to wear with your flats. This will decrease the chance of foot smelliness.

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