Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

“But the glasses are just going to cover up my makeup!”

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Having to wear glasses sucks when you’re a huge fan of makeup. But it sucks even more when you can’t see properly and your makeup application looks more clownish then you intended. Luckily for you, there are some tips and tricks out there to make sure that your makeup doesn’t get hidden behind your new spectacles.

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Conceal and Brighten

When wearing glasses, it’s a good idea to extend the area that you usually apply under-eye concealer. Why? Your frames will cast a shadow onto your upper cheeks and you’ll want to brighten that area to counteract the darkness. This will help to keep you look more awake and alert.

Try drawing an upside down triangle and then filling it in to cover the right amount of area with concealer.

Tip: Set your concealer with powder so that it doesn’t rub off if you’re wearing plastic glasses that rest against your cheeks.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Defining the Brows

Your new frames can cover up those beautiful brows, so make sure to have a strong brow game. Opt for a darker brow when you’re wearing glasses so that they’ll stand out from behind your frames.

Tip: Define the lower portion of your brows and then blend upwards with a spooli so that your eyebrows don’t look like they’ve been tatted on.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Enhance the Eyes

A little bit of shimmer never hurt anyone. Avoid using matte shades on your eyelids because they’ll just make your eyes appear flat. Shimmery shades help to make your eyes pop, especially if applied to the centre of your eyelid. Don’t go overboard with the shimmer and use it for everything. Make sure to blend it out with a matte color in your crease so that there isn’t a harsh line. Add a darker color to the outer corners of your eyes to enhance the depth of your eye shape.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Thicken the Lash Line

Make sure to line your lash line in order to create the illusion of fuller lashes.

Tip: For an even fuller look, tightline your lashes to darken them even more.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Open up the Eyes

You can make your eyes look even bigger with just a few tips. Use a nude colored eyeliner on your lower lash line to brighten up your eyes. Curling your lashes also helps to open up your eyes. Make sure to use mascara to volumize the lashes.

Tip: When applying mascara, make sure to use a volumizing option as opposed to a lengthing one. Lengthening your lashes may cause them to press up against the lenses of your glasses, which will be ridiculously annoying whenever you blink.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Highlight the Eyes

Use a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bone to reflect more light behind your frames.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Frame the Face

Make sure to apply blush to counteract any shadows that could be cast on your cheeks by your glasses.

Tip: Instead of aiming for the apples of your cheeks, apply the blush framing your glasses so that it stands out more.

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

Voila, You’re Finished!

Makeup Tricks for Glasses Wearers

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