Male vs. Female – Which Friendship is Better?

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

Having a Good Friend is Important

Having the right group of friends is essential to your life. Sometimes they leave and others stay. Making lasting relationships can really help you get through the tough times and different genders offer different aspects. After  being thrown under the bus by many different people and making long lasting relationships with others, I’ve found a couple trends along the way to differentiate between male and female friends. Are you picking the right friends?

Getting Over a Break Up

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

Guys will be quick to jump to your support and will always have something fun and new to do in order to keep you distracted. Whereas girls will be willing to talk about it and discuss things with you. They’ll bring you comfort food and provide you with goodies to tide you over.

[quote_box_center]Guy: He wasn’t good enough for you anyways. Let’s go watch a basketball game.
Girl: I’m going to pick up a bucket of ice cream and a bag full of Hershey’s kisses and then I’ll be right over![/quote_box_center]

Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

Guys can be really blunt. They won’t ignore the fact that you have feelings and will try to make up for it, but they won’t waste time in stating the facts. Girls on the other hand will take the time to analyze your ex’s new squeeze and really play your emotions to what you want to hear. They know that you want them to put the new girl down and will do it so that you’re happy.

[quote_box_center]Guy: Stop crying, we’re already running late. She’s also ugly so don’t worry.
Girl: Holy shit, he seriously downgraded from you to her. Did you see what she’s wearing, oh my god. That shade of pink at this time of the year? She needs to read Cosmo.[/quote_box_center]

Getting Ready For a Party

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

Guys take next to no time to get ready for a party and can never understand how you need a 2 hour window to get ready. That hair isn’t going to wash and style itself on its own. Girls on the other hand, know the drill and will probably take even longer asking for your advice on what to do as well.

Are you going to lend her that new $200 top that you bought just so it’ll match her skirt so that she can wear the matching shoes that cost $600? Maybe. Only because she let you use her $300 hair straightener regardless of the fact that you drop everything.

[quote_box_center]Guy: We’re already an hour late. How much longer are you going to take?
Girl: Ugh, these shoes don’t match my outfit, but I just bought them and want to wear them. Should I change my top? But then the skirt won’t match. I have nothing to wear. What’re you wearing? Shit I still need to do my hair.[/quote_box_center]

Picking Something to Do

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

When it comes to planning something to do with your friends, guys are usually chill and don’t really care what there is to do. Which can be fun, since it’ll be easier on you. But sometimes it gets difficult when you have to play the event planner every single time. As nonchalant guys are, they sometimes fail to take the responsibilities as well.

Girls on the other hand always have something new they want to try. To the point where they’ll plan out a day to the T and will know exactly what to do at every minute. This may be annoying since you’ll have to follow their schedule but at at least you’ll always be busy!

[quote_box_center]Guy: I don’t know, let’s just do whatever.
Girl: There’s this really cute cafe I want to go to for coffee. And then afterwards we’re going to drive over to that new exhibit at the museum to see the art installations. By the time that’s over, I think it’ll be time for dinner so I’ll make reservations at Moxie’s and we can drink in the bar after too. What do you think about karaoke for the night?[/quote_box_center]

Meeting a New Person

Male vs. Female - Which Friendship is Better?

When you meet someone for the first time, be it a guy or a girl, the experience can be very different. Most guys are very friendly, welcoming and ready to involve you in whatever they’re already doing. Girls on the other hand, tend to be very cliquey and seem to judge you from the get go. Their answers may appear to be testing – like they’re trying to figure out more about you. Every action seems to be hidden behind a motive and they aren’t exactly as welcoming with open arms.

But that doesn’t mean that all girls are like that. Some may be less judgey than others and are willing to let you into their deeper circle easier. Are girls just inherently cattier than guys? Does it maybe have something to do with hormones?

[quote_box_center]Guy: Hey, nice to meet you! What’s up? Grab a drink and come join us!
Girl: So you were invited by XXX because you know YYY? Who else do you know here? Wait, are you friends with ZZZ?[/quote_box_center]

Tell us:

[quote_center]Do you find it easier to become friends with a certain gender?[/quote_center]

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