Manicure Monday: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Manicure Monday: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Chipped nails? Perhaps we have a solution for you!

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CND’s Vinylux Weekly Polish is the new revolutionary polish that is a cross between gel polish and regular polish. Gel polish has come to be known for it’s durability and stay-power. It also dries immediately, eliminating the fear of smudge. However, the downside is that is cannot be removed easily with regular polish remover. It is actually quite the process to remove them with acetone. On the other hand, regular polish can be troublesome for those who lead a busy life. It tends to chip quicker than gel polishes, and the dry time can be painful and handicap you from getting on with your busy life. This is where Vinylux comes in.

Vinylux polishes contain “ProLight Technology” that hardens and increases durability as it is exposed on natural light. They claim it will last for at least 7+ days. It also shortens your manicure process as you do not need a base coat, and the dry time is exponentially quicker. It comes in 71 unique colors.

Manicure Monday: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish
Colors from L – R: Cake Pop, Gotcha, Rouge Red, Masquerade, Married to the Mauve, Azure Wish, Steel Gaze

We’ve been trying out Vinylux a little while now, and here’s our verdict.

The colors. The selection is great and their colors are truly unique. There are tons of shades that I have never seen before from any other nail polish brand.
The finish. Personally, I love the super shiny, jelly finish to the polish. It makes your manicure look like it was done professionally, when in reality, it only took you a quick 20 minutes!
The dry time. It really does dry quickly, and I rarely smudge it on anything before it dries.
The top coat. This one is not completely a pro without it’s con, but I do enjoy using the Vinylux Top Coat on top of regular polishes as well. I like the shine and I do feel like it is a tad bit more resistant to chipping.

The top coat. While I did list it as a pro, it is also a con. I find that the top coat dries out very quickly, and becomes extremely sticky, tacky, and dry within a few uses. I even tried using nail polish thinner, but it didn’t really help.
The 7+ day claim. Did it last longer than regular polishes? Yes. Do it necessarily last the 7+ every time? Not for me, personally.

Verdict: I do love the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish line, and I will continue to use them, however, they really need to improve the top coat’s lifetime. The top coat is really what seals the deal with this Vinylux combo, and for it to be drying out after just a few uses can be a huge deal breaker. I can’t justify dishing out money every month to replace the top coat.

Check out our quick video on how to use the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish System.

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  1. This is my favorite video because I love nail polish and my nails are alwat chipped and I’m glad to have found a solution.


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