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Sometimes the simplest things are the chicest. And in that sense, we’ve created the easiest Half Moon Manicure that you’ll ever attempt to achieve (no you won’t need hole reinforcers or use 10 different layers) so that you’ll have the most perfectly manicured nails that anyone has seen with the least amount of effort. A big plus here is that this manicure is also work appropriate so you won’t have to rush to remove all of the polish the morning of your big client meeting.

“most perfectly manicured nails that anyone has seen with the least amount of effort”

In just 6 and easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to perfect hands and a perfect life! Well at least we think that a crucial component to the perfect life is an impeccable manicure. But hey, if you’ve ever had one, then you know exactly what we mean!

Manicure Monday: The Easiest Half Moon Manicure That You'll Ever Do

What you’ll need:

The instructions:

  1. Protect your nails with a base coat.
    As always, the health of your nails are a priority, so make sure that you’re keeping them protected with a base coat. We particularly like this Essie one since it not only nourishes and protects your nails from staining and the harsh chemicals of nail polish, but it’s also slightly sticky which will help all nail color stick to your nails better.
  2. Paint your entire nail with a light blush pink polish.
    Cover your whole nail with a light blush pink polish and make sure to paint the bottom as well!
  3. Apply a second coat or until your nails are opaque.
    We aren’t fans of the VNL (visible nail line) so go over your nails with the pink as many times as necessary until everything is covered.
  4. Draw a half moon at the base of your nails with the silver stripper.
    Taking the silver striper, use a steady hand and draw a half moon at the base of your nails. Keep the shape as close to your cuticles as possible. If you have patience, taper the edges so that it’s a nice fade.
  5. Seal your polish with a clear top coat.
    To make sure that your manicure will last, seal it off with a top coat and make sure to go over the outer edges as well. This will ensure that your nails are chip free for at least a week!

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Manicure Monday: Vampy Nautical Nail Art

What color combinations will your Half Moon Manicure be?

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