Where Have Our Manners Gone?

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We are ploughing through the 21st century developing great ways to improve our way of life yet somehow we seem to be moving backwards when it comes to face-to-face interactions. Yes, the world is going digital and yes, daily human interactions have dwindled but that isn’t an excuse to forget everyday common courtesies. Canadians have a rep for being overly “nice”, let’s show them what manners really are.

1. Hold the door

Someone once told me “you have arms of your own” why should I open it for you? Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is completely beside the point. I see that I have arms but I appreciate knowing if you go first, you care if the door swings back into my face or not. It’s the thought behind the gesture that counts.

2. Offer a hand, seat, or tissue…something

Ever notice how everyone riding public transit looks unbelievably angry? There’s no issue with that but don’t take your frustrations out on the other commuters by elbowing them. Little acts of kindness are always greatly appreciated, like offering someone a tissue when they’re trying to contain a runny nose with a sleeve. If a senior is boarding a bus, give them your seat! When you’ve lived through 65 plus years of life, you’ve earned a designated seat.

3. Thank you’s

Clearly a lost art as people these days take everything for granted. Remember that no one owes you anything, and thanking them won’t kill you. Showing gratitude for even the simplest of acts can have a huge impact. Thank the bus driver for a safe ride home, the server for not poisoning your food, and your mom for cooking your favourite meal. Gratitude will take you far.

4. N-O-I-S-E

When out in public, why do people enjoy shrieking like monkeys and disturbing the peace of others? In your own home it’s completely understandable and unquestioned but out in the presence of others, it might not be the best idea. Let’s keep the noise pollution to a down low.

5. Littering and spitting

Two very big NOs. Public property is a shared space, please be more courteous and keep it clean. Your bodily fluids don’t need to be stuck to the shoes of strangers. In Singapore, littering and spitting on the streets both carry a heavy fine. Just sayin’.

Manners are such a lost art that having them will escalate your attractiveness by 100,000 folds. It takes only a conscious thought to change our behaviour and who knows, it might even inject some happiness into a stranger who needs it. Restore more faith in humanity and let’s be more caring towards one another fellow humans.

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