Maximize Your Storage Space

Stuff – we all own a lot of it. It always seems that we have more stuff than space. No matter how big your house may be, you always end up with a bunch of things with no space for it, or no where to stash it out to sight. Here are a few things to consider the next time you’re cleaning up and want to maximize your storage space.

Use the back of your door.

Anything hung works perfect behind a door. Depending on what your put behind the door, it may also work as great decor. You can store your personal accessories behind your bedroom or closet door, snacks behind your pantry door, and cleaning products behind your laundry door.

Use vertical space.

It’s easy to have things sitting across the floor, or in horizontal shelves. But the trick to maximizing space is to work vertically. Place shelves on top of each other, or buy floor to ceiling shelves. This also helps fill up empty wall space and can make your room look exponentially higher. This trick works best in bathrooms, since there’s such a small space, with empty walls and lots of bathroom products to store.

Hidden storage.

If you have trouble making your place look clean and mess-free, try some of these hidden storage ideas. They can tuck away any miscellaneous things that don’t really have a space. If you like the look of a very clean and neat space, try some of these DIYs to make your place space efficient and sneaky 😉

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