Mejuri Changing How We Buy Jewelry

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Mejuri and its founder Noura are pioneering a new way to how we look at the business of jewelry…

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Today, with the uprise in online commerce, consumers have a huge slew of choices with regards to what and how they want to shop. Finding innovative and enticing aspects to an online business is key to its success. This jewelry company and its founder Noura have done exactly this.

Noura witnessed her father’s career in jewelry grow, so it is no surprise she followed in his footsteps- especially when her father began to struggle after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. She persevered through the hardship and refused to let an obstacle like this keep her from succeeding and pursuing her passion. She took the knowledge she gained from her father and spun it into a revolutionary platform.

Not only has Noura created a business that works like a well oiled machine, but she’s also bridged the infamous gap between business and consumer. Mejuri is unique in that it focusses its collections on the desires of its community and in support of independent designers. By running online contests, she is able to connect the designers with the consumers in a way that is direct, personable, and effective. It solves the question “What should we create that people would want to buy”  by having the consumers vote themselves. Genius!

Not only has Noura developed a brand and a platform that has the world watching (she was named one of the 10 web savvy entrepreneurs to watch on Yahoo), she is also warm spirited. She inspires her employees and her community to succeed through positivity, hard work, and integrity. Her passion for jewelry, her accomplishments as a female entrepreneur, and her goals towards putting more good into the world truly makes her an inspiring femme.

Discover Mejuri here.


Watch out for a giveaway and exclusive offer we’ll be doing with Mejuri and Noura soon! The pieces are to die for, so keep an eye out!

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  1. I really love this video. Noura is an amazing woman. Her way of choosing what designs she will be creating is out of this world. It gives unseen artists the chance to have their designs come to life. Thank you Noura for all you do.


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