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Mental illnesses are often misinterpreted and misunderstood by the general public. 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness in their life time. Mental illnesses do not discriminate either, they can affect people of different ages, educations, income levels and cultures. However, certain populations are more susceptible to things like depression. Mental illnesses are often caused by genetic, biological and environmental factors. The worse thing you can say to someone suffering from a mental illness is to “snap out of it”. It is neither a conscious nor voluntary state the person puts themselves in. Depending on the severity, it can become debilitating, affecting everyday life decisions and interactions. Not to mention, it can also affect others in the immediate circle of the patient. 7cupsoftea 7 Cups of Tea is an amazing free online resource for those who need someone to listen immediately and wants to be anonymous. Their website helps you find a trained, real listener to engage in one-on-one chat with. They possess a large network, with people all over the world, that have different experiences and different perspectives. 7 Cups of Tea listeners are not judgmental and have no pre-existing opinions of you, they only try to solve the problem/situation at hand. 7cups All of the listeners are trained through the Active Listening Training program. This program was designed by Glen Moriarty (psychologist) who is also the CEO & Founder of 7 Cups of Tea. The listeners are trained to compassionately communicate with those in need. The website allows you to browse through the profiles of different listeners to learn a little about who they are, so you can personalize who you talk to. If you are suffering from a mental illness or know someone who is, please share this resource with them.

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