10 Mistakes You’ll Likely Make In Your 20’s

The 20’s is a period of time where you’re transitioning into the life of being an adult. The 20’s are going to contain some of the most memorable moments in your life; it’s the last chance of “ever being young again”.

During this transitional period, it’s normal to screw up over and over again. Think of it as a learning curve period before you’re finally able to make all the decisions as an adult! There are the 10 mistakes you’ll likely make in your 20s.

20 mistakes in 20s

1. Picking the wrong major.

You’re almost graduated from a degree in Science, great. It’s either working in the labs or going to med school. You hate working in the labs and you don’t have the grades for grad school. Now what?

2. Graduating with a lot of debt.

When you were in school, what was left of your student loans beyond what went into tuition turned into those Friday night funds for beer and alcohol. You’re now left with $40,000+ in debt and you’re kind of regretting spending all those nights partying.

3. Hooking up with the wrong people.

It’s Friday, you and your girls are out at a club. You meet this really cute guy at the party and you two hook up. The next day, you discover that he’s actually 32 and still lives at home with his parents.

4. Dating the wrong people.

You’re dating someone and you’re pretty sure he’s not the one you want to marry. You go along with it anyways because he treats you well, even though you want to fall asleep every time you guys talk.

5. Falling in love with the wrong people.

You move on from the guy you were dating because you finally couldn’t stand his long droning talks about his car or his favorite PS3 game. You dump him for the guy who makes you heart flutter. It’s like you’re in high school again! It’s too bad that he doesn’t reply you 6 out of 7 days of the week, cancels plans last minute, and would rather go to watch the basketball game with his friends rather than have dinner with you.

6. Not knowing what you want.

You won’t know what you want, and you probably haven’t gotten the time to figure it out. You’re too busy with life that you just cruise along not thinking about it. Your goals and aspirations when you were a kid are like a distant memory now.

7. Spending your money on things you can’t afford.

“Oh, that LV bag looks really cute! I’m just going to take out everything from my savings so I can show it off to all my friends!”

8. Working at the wrong job.

Even if it’s your first full-time job, and you spent months looking for a place that will finally hire you, you need to get something out of your job. If you’re not learning anything, not enjoying yourself, and not earning enough, consider finding something else.

9. Being friends with the wrong people.

Remember the people that call you once a month who just want you to be on their guestlist for the clubbing even on Fridays? Though they may have been great people to party with from high school or college, if your friends don’t care about you and are not motivating you to be better, then it’s best to cut them out (slowly).

10. Not enjoying your youth.

Being in your 20’s means you’re getting older and older. Responsibilities are important, but remember to take some time out for yourself as well. Have fun, enjoy it while you’re young, and don’t worry about making mistakes (because those mistakes make you who you are). This article was written because everyone screws up, and if you ever find yourself doing the wrong thing, just know that you’re not alone!

 Tell us…

What are some mistakes you made in your 20’s?

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  1. Urgh I’m only going to be turning 20 in September and I’ve already done most of these things. It’s despressing :/ wrong major? Check. Wrong man? check. Not enjoying youth. Check. This is the reality check I needed. Great post!


    • Haha we’re glad you liked it Katie. You know what though, we learn from those “mistakes” and those lessons learned are what make us that much smarter.


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