Mizu Shingen Mochi: An Edible Rice Cake Made Up Of Water

Have you ever wanted to drink a bubble of water before, like how the bugs in A Bug’s Life do? Like literally grab a bubble of water and pop it in your mouth?! Well we have the answer for you!

a bug's life water

Introducing the mizu shingen mochi: A Japanese invention of sorts that stemmed from the original idea of a “confectionery” cake. The usual mochi is made from gyuhi, a soft form of jelly. It is usually eaten with soybean powder and brown sugar syrup. The mizu shingen mochi is the same idea, except the cake is made of agar powder and water from the renowned water source in the Southern Japanese Alps. The water, from Mount Kaikoma, is said to have a fresh, naturally sweet taste.


Translation: “Here’s the mizu shingen mochi from Kinseiken. Water-based jelly seems to be popular now, and with the kinako and brown sugar syrup, it really is quite tasty. I thought the powdery texture of the kinako might stand out too much, but that wasn’t the case at all.”


Translation: “Had some mizu shingen mochiand then went to an outlet mall today. The sensation of eating the water cake was a bit surprising, since it felt like the cake turned into water in your mouth, but it was delicious. Highly recommended!”

It sounds like eating a block of water is as crazy as you can imagine. Because of the materials it’s made with, you only have 30 minutes to finish it or else it will melt.

mizu shingen mochi 3

They look amazingly cool and we can imagine that they taste pretty good as well. Sadly, it’s not very easy to get ahold of. You can eat it at the Kinseiken Daigahara shop and the Kinseiken Nirasaki shop, which are only located in Japan. Plus, if you do ever decide to go to Japan, they are only available on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from June to the end of September.

If you can’t afford to buy a ticket to Japan, then you should try to cook yourself it at home! Here is a simple way of preparation with agar powder, soybean powder, and brown sugar syrup.

Think this is cool? Would you try to make this at home?

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