How To Do A “Mom Night Out”!

mom night out

mom night out


Yes that’s a thing, girlfriends.

Yes, you read that right! Moms should go for a night out in the town. We call it MNO (Mom Night Out). We should own that one night of the month where we celebrate motherhood! We are, after all, superwomen. We give life. Period!

My girlfriends and I make it a point to schedule a ‘mom night out’ every month.  It is then when we catch up on our lives. We laugh out loud. We chat. We inspire each other. We support one another. We share ideas, knowledge and, of course,  the latest scoop on fashion!
Here’s a little inspiration for your mom night out:

1. Get fancy – it’s awesome!

Get dressed up! You know those really fancy clothes in your closet that you always push aside while you reach for the Lululemon attire? Grab them! *You can always call for the perfect frock!* This is your night, girlfriend. Put on your favourite lipstick – the brighter, the jollier. Paint your nails a fun colour and splash on that perfume. There! Now go and have fun with your amigas!
mom night out

2. Next up: Food!

You’re at the restaurant, go for it, order as much as you like. Remember, you’re not cooking and you’re not washing the dishes tonight. How exciting! I like to order food that I haven’t cooked lately at home. This gives me ideas and inspiration on what to make for dinner at home the next day!
mom night out

3. Vino?!

Yes, please. Toast with your friends to every success that has happened lately in your lives. Either a personal achievement or a family one. You are eating healthier, “Cheers!” Your son/daughter has a wiggly tooth, “Cheers!” Your husband did the laundry, “Cheers!” The more accomplishments you salute to the more you realize that the little things should be celebrated just as much as the big ones. Cheers to that!

4. Water? Oh, but you should.

Yes, order water. Stay hydrated to look and feel great the next day, naturally!
mom night out
Women, we are all the same. Let’s celebrate together our voyage through womanhood. Phone each other, connect with one another, support and nourish thy selves. We are social creatures. We flourish when we are able to embrace motherhood hand in hand!

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Tell us:

What is your take on the perfect Mom Night Out?

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    • We are so glad you enjoyed it Mary! We all forget sometimes that moms are human too. Share a photo of your MNO with us when you get around to doing that!


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