Mommy Purse Essentials

mommy purse essentials

mommy purse essentials

Mommy Purse Essentials

… because it’s tough to be super mom without the magic tools to do so.

I like to travel light everywhere I go with my family. Be it the park, the zoo, the museum, the beach, or to another country. 

Here are my top five mommy must-haves which I carry in my purse on a daily basis; because even Batman needed his Batmobile… and he would never stand a chance at being a super-mom!

1. Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 

purse essentials

I carry this sunblock with me all year round. I like the turquoise packaging, it’s so fresh and summary! Give it a try, I think you’d like it too, a definite mommy must-have! Find it at Sephora!


2. Kid’s Dental Flossers by Life Brand

purse essentials

These flossers are colourful and shaped in three different types of animals making them fun and easy to use by children. You’ll see, your little ones will enjoy flossing their teeth with the yellow dinosaur, the pink sea horse and the blue snake! Healthy teeth, healthy bodies on-the-go! Toss this mommy must-have in your purse! Pick them up here.


3. Hurraw Lip Balm

My go-to beauty item. The fun part is that it’s safe enough for kids! My daughters have their own collection already! Premium organic, vegan, and raw ingredients, what is there not to love. Learn more about them here.  They’re my new addiction, but I am sure it will be yours soon too! A definite mommy must-have.

purse essentials

4. Xyla Chewing Gum

purse essentials

I recently started learning about Xylitol and its awesome health benefits, learn about all its benefits here. This product can be mostly found in health food stores, or you can do what I do and pick it up here. If you’re out and about running errands and can’t brush your teeth (which, let’s be honest mommies, happens), treat yourself to Xyla chewing gum – another product also safe for kids! 


5. Bamboo Baby Wipes by Aleva Naturals

purse essentials

Sticky fingers? Stuffy noses? Then toss this item in your purse! Great wipes for all ages and all kinds of messes. Find my favourite wipies brand hereBiodegradable, paraben-free, sulphates-free, and chlorine-free… it’s awesome.


So, before you head out, take a look at what’s inside your purse and only opt to take only the necessities with you. Your shoulders and back will thank you for it!

Make sure to check back every Friday for more of my Sexy Mommy Expert posts! To learn more about why I’m a sexy mommy expert, watch my interview with Destination Femme!


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What are the top five items in your purse, moms?! 

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