Give Yourself a Mommy Time Out (MTO)


“Mommy’s going to go take a Mommy Time Out Night, kids…”

“Mommy’s going to take a time-out!” Ever said that to your little ones? If you haven’t you should start.

Here’s the truth: we need a fun MTO (Mommy Time Out). We are better, happier, healthier moms, wives, friends and beings when we take care of ourselves. Every child likes a fun mommy, right? Here’s a few tips and ideas on how to take a great time-out, ladies!

Check out my favourite ways to spend my Mommy Time Out- maybe it’ll inspire you to kick start yours…

1. Explore your neighbourhood on foot!

So, the children are in the loving arms of their grandparents for the whole day. Hooray! Your next step is to put on your comfortable pair of shoes and go explore your block. Once you’re striding along your neighbourhood step into stores you hardly visit, sit down for a cup of coffee, read the paper, people-watch, go on a nature-trail, and just keep on moving, girlfriend, this time-out is all about exercise the natural way. You’ll feel so refreshed from the wind in your hair that walking will become an addiction for you. The next day you’ll have firmer legs. Score! mommy time out

2. Visit Sephora!

I get excited just thinking about Sephora! Ah, the land of beauty. First thing you do on this MTO is visit the nail studio. You can paint your nails in any colour you like. They have nail polish remover, q-tips and cotton pads everywhere. Which pretty much means “Go crazy, ladies!” I gave myself a turquoise manicure last time I was there – first time for everything. Sephora will also let you pick three complimentary perfume samples. They come in these tiny, clear bottles which fit perfectly into our sexy mommy purses. This is a great way to try a new scent on your skin, chickas!
mommy time out

3. Organize your home!

Say, what?! I know. It’s a bit absurd to be doing this on your time-out but once you start organizing, I promise, you will feel great! Put on your favourite song, dress in your most awesome yoga pants, put on a sports bra and think of it as productive work-out hour! While you’re trying to decide how to better store your belts stretch it out, do a downward dog, sit down and meditate for five minutes. Remember, start small and congratulate yourself for every accomplished task. A well-organized space makes me smile, it also makes life easier! Right?
mommy time out

4. Go shopping! Amen.

For fun, I like to give myself a budget before I head out! This way I end up finding great deals because I know I have a limit. Shop at stores you don’t regularly go into. Introduce new pieces to bring excitement to your style. Accessories are always a safe bet since they can change up any outfit! Have fun with this MTO and get out of your comfort zone, dear filles!
mommy time out

Whichever way you decide to spend your mommy time out, I’m sure it will be fabulous, because us moms are awesome! Be well, keep on smiling, stay sexy, girlfriends! We deserve a MTO, it’s time we start owning it! *wink* 

Tell us:

Would you take a Mommy Time Out? Do you think it’s a good idea? What would you do on your Mommy Time Out?

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    • Hi Lara! Sephora is great for trying on nail polish. They even have testing strips so you don’t have to try the polish on your nails if you don’t want to. It’s adorable!


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