MUJI Launches First Canadian Store in Toronto

MUJI Launches First Canadian Store in Toronto

The internationally well known Japanese department store, MUJI, is set to launch into the Canadian market with the first location being in downtown Toronto. Situated near Canada’s second largest mall, MUJI will be right in the downtown core of Toronto making it easy for tourists shopping in the Eaton Centre to visit its location.

MUJI Launches First Canadian Store in Toronto

Not only is MUJI interested in a single location, but there are plans to expand to 2 more locations by the end of 2015. With 270 retail locations worldwide, MUJI is definitely making a name for itself. Some may be concerned of its competitors such as IKEA, Target, Walmart and Staples, but with next to nothing spent on marketing and advertisement, the profit margins of MUJI appear to be much larger than other department stores. In Japan, almost nothing is spent on market research, less than 2% of the company’s profits goes towards that, as well as less than 1% internationally.

Rather than marketing their company, MUJI relies more on its sales pitch as an environmentally friendly company that avoids high-priced malls to sell its wares. You won’t even see the company logo and many of their products. They rely more on functionality than logo itself. It seems as if MUJI is doing relatively well for itself. Word of mouth spreads the company’s name without them having to pay a cent for it themselves.

MUJI Launches First Canadian Store in Toronto

Some of their most popular wares internationally are the acrylic storage units. From beauty gurus on Youtube to interior designers online, the sleek acrylic boxes by MUJI are always a hit and have been Pinned onto Pinterest and Tumbled by Tumblr many times over.

Their moderately priced products ballparks itself in an affordable market which is appealing to the mass. And coupled with the value of functionality as opposed to cost, consumers are more willing to purchase from MUJI as opposed to other department store retailers.

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