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Kate Spade is our go-to shopping haven for these next couple seasons. Why, you ask?

Over the past couple years, Kate Spade has really ground themselves into the consumer realm as a distinct brand. Their campaigns have gotten fresher, their styles have become more up to date, and they really understand their shopper… aka us.

We think what makes the brand really stand out is that they’re approachable- they are accessible to their consumer. The girls in their campaigns are exactly the type of women they’re catered to, but they don’t limit themselves to too small of a niche. If you’re the upper east side style loving lady, you will love each and every piece. If you’re the Brooklyn hipster, there are quirky accessories you automatically covet. If you’re a mom, there are totes that look fashionably perfect as your new diaper bag.

The looks are so wearable and embody the word pretty like no other. On top of this, they’re affordable! They’re also quite durable. We’ve had some of our Kate Spade pieces for years, without a scratch.

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Their looks say smart lady ever so effortlessly. So the looks are perfect for heading to the office, getting your hustle on, and then heading out for a night out with the ladies.

What we love about shopping is having the ability to dress yourself the way you feel and getting the choice to do that. Kate Spade is where we hit up to feel like: ladies who lunch, the high-powered fashionable career woman, the summer goddess, and well, the list goes on.

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The Kate Spade woman embodies everything we try to be as great women- approachable, sweet, fun, effortless, and just so chic.

The quirky accessories are just delightful too. They’re a piece you look at and automatically smile at because they’re just so fun. And what’s life, if not to have a little bit of fun?

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Shop these pieces here: http://katespade.com

Some people say that it’s too girly of a brand. Although their campaigns and visuals may give that aura off, we don’t think so. Some of the pieces are so weird, they’re edgy. Granted, we are all about embracing femininity, so maybe we’re biased?

We’ve got to be honest, we’ve probably shopped everything in the store so far. They make it so easy by branding everything- agendas, flip flops, make up bags, iPhone cases… we need a new budget heading: Kate Spade Budget.

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Check out Kate Spade’s Ready To Wear Spring 2014 collection and tell us what you think (we don’t think you could hate it if you tried):

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Do you adore Kate Spade as much as we do? Why not?


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