5 Things To Look Forward to at The Everything To Do With Sex Show

5 Things To Look Forward to at The Everything to Do With Sex Show

The 15th annual Everything To Do With Sex Show is coming to Toronto in a week and the ladies at Destination Femme are excited. If you’re unaware of what the Sex Show is, it’s not the kind where you watch people do it…we’re not that freaky. It’s an annual expo held in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax that showcases everything from toys, kink, burlesque, and more. It’s time to up your bedroom game. There’s going to be so much to see, but here are the five things we are crazy excited to see. If you end up there make sure you check them out too!

5 Things To Look Forward to at The Everything to Do With Sex Show

The Kink Corner

The Kink Corner is a place where you can learn how to up your sex game. With guests like Mr. Carey Gray, Lexxi Brown, Mimi Cherry and more, there will be tips learned. These Sexperts will be providing workshops in the Kink Corner to teach BDSM, fetish, and kink. Learn Kinky Bondage Basics and other fun things in these interactive workshops.

Cafe Blvd.

Food and sex, why not? There will by oysters. Get excited to learn how to make aphrodisiac meals to get you and your lover going. There’s nothing like food to get a girl turned on, am I right? But fine, if that doesn’t get you going The Food Dudes will be there. Those are some sexy chefs.

Learning at the Seminars

Rock His World, Going Down and Keeping Her Coming Back For More, and Squirt: The Secrets of G-Spots & Female Ejaculation. Only some of the few topics covered this weekend. With Sexperts like Carlyle Jansen, Jessica O’Reilly, and more you can be sure that these seminars will have you covered. We’re excited to learn how to play better in the bedroom.

Pole Dancing in the Wellness Zone

Uhm hi, have you seen strippers? They’re so fit. The Wellness Zone will have Intro to Pole Dancing. Time to install that poll in the bedroom. Just kidding, but not really. There will be Burlesque Basics and Tantric Touching demonstrations as well. We knew sex was cardio, but we’re excited to learn how to burn more calories during the act.

Main Stage – The Male Revue

Need I say more? The Male Revue is going to be our very own Magic Mike show…minus Channing unfortunately. Glistening and sculpted male entertainers…okay. Besides this beautiful show, there will be Burlesque, a fashion show filled with latex, leather, and lace, and tons of fun interactive games.

And when all that’s done, there is shopping to be done. Sexy toys and costumes for the bedroom? Why not?

Tell us:

What are you most excited to see at the sex show?

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