Nail Cuticle Tattoos

Nail Cuticle Tattoos

OMGWT*%$&BBQ?! If you’re looking for the next coolest trend then welcome to the new concept of nail cuticle tattoos! Although the idea has been on the market for about seven months now, the ever popular nail polish brand Ciaté ($12) has jumped onto the band wagon making the trend accessible to fashionistas around the world.

Nail Cuticle Tattoos

The concept is simple, you apply these temporary tattoos onto your cuticles just as you would any other temporary tattoo. Are you feeling reminiscent of your childhood yet? We know we are! It’s so easy because all you need is some water and you’re set. According to Ciaté, simply choose the design that speaks to you and apply it face down on your cuticle. Then apply a couple drops of water on top of the paper, press down and wait a few seconds. All that’s left is to lift off the paper and voilà! You’ve now got the trendiest nails around!

Ciaté isn’t the only company that produces these cute embellishments. If you’re on the hunt for a slightly less girly set of tattoos sans diamonds and stars, then head on over to RAD Nails ($6) for a more urban style.

Nail Cuticle Tattoos

The BEYOND collection by RAD Nails currently offers four different designs: a half moon, triangles, drips and a pointed arrow. If you aren’t comfortable with trying out tattoos on your cuticles, these tattoos work perfectly on top of polish too! Personally, I think that mixing up your manicure by having some tattoos on your cuticles and some on your nails is really cute as well. Remember the accent nail trend that’s still going strong? You can try that with these tattoos as well if you don’t want all of your nails to look identical.

If the idea of a tattoo on your cuticles aren’t very alluring, try it from a different perspective. These cute little tattoos also serve a double purpose of hiding any dry and unruly skin you have for the day until you have time to go home and tame them.

Nail Cuticle Tattoos

So what are some other ways you can try out this new nail trend? Apply RAD Nail’s half moon tattoo design onto your cuticle or nail bed for an easy way of recreating the ruffian style. Or if you’ve got short nail beds, try extending them by applying Ciaté’s triangular design onto your cuticles with a nude polish. You know how they say nude heels lengthen your legs, nude polish does the same for your nails!

But sadly as temporary temporary-tattoos can be, I’ve read some feedback that they won’t last you long. If you wash your hands a lot, find yourself constantly picking at your cuticles or if your nail polish chips fast then be wary of the staying power of these tats. Some suggestions from the online community are to either apply clear nail polish or hairspray over top to increase the staying power.

The nail-a-holic in me has me obsessed over this new trend and I’m seriously considering a semi-permanent option such as using a fine-tip permanent marker or henna so that the tattoos last a little longer. A little DIY never hurt anyone right? Make sure to keep your eyes out for a possible tutorial in the future!

[quote_center]Tell us: will you try this trend? And what ideas do you have to improve the staying power?[/quote_center]

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