Nail Shapes – Can They Predict Your Personality?

Nail Shapes - Can They Predict Your Personality?

A Japanese personality diagnosis study boasts that your nail shape can predict your personality traits. We already know that besides your hair, the your nails easily show the quality of your health. Are they brittle, dry, cracked, or yellow? All of these are signs of poor health. If they’re strong, well groomed, not full of ridges, then it indicates signs of health. But besides how healthy you are, can your nails really determine your personality type?

Nail Shapes - Can They Predict Your Personality?

Personality diagnoses’ like this are mostly based off of the confirmation bias theory studied in psychology. Similar to the way that you sometimes may say “That’s so me!” when you’re reading your horoscope prediction, the personality traits accompanying each nail shape are so vague that they would almost fit anyone to a certain degree.

But What Exactly is Confirmation Bias?

Confirmation bias describes the tendency for you to believe a fact that supports or confirms your pre-existing beliefs. This happens when people interpret information in a biased manner, especially when it hits an emotional nerve – like personality.

Personality, as the term states, is very personal. And many people like to read things that tell them more about themselves.  The confirmation bias also serves to contribute to overconfidnce on a skill. So say my nail bed shapes are naturally vertically long, meaning that I am a highly creative person, but have difficulty understanding others and may create conflicts. However I have a tendency pick at my nail beds underneath my skin and shape my cuticles to my liking. So in the end, the shape of my nails is more of an almond. Which states that I have a vivid imagination (this is similar to being creative), and that I have a tendency to be short-tempered (also similar). So what’s the point of basically paraphrasing what was said for a vertically long nail bed, if an almond shaped nail bed has the same personality traits?

Is There Any Truth Behind All of This?

The vagueness of these descriptions makes it easy for anyone to really identify their personality to the traits and doesn’t even have to be 100% bang on. More often than not when you read a horoscope, you’re agree partially to some things, may agree completely to others and may only slightly agree to a couple attributes. We read horoscopes on such a frequent basis that we’ve come to accept that they’re relatively true. This belief follows into other ideas of fortune telling personality, making it easier for us to believe studies like this.

If you do fall into the line of believers, then let us know if you felt that any of these personality traits were accurate.

Nail Shapes - Can They Predict Your Personality?

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