Why You Need to Get Your Heart Broken into A Million Pieces


So it sounds cruel and a ton of clean up involved but there are great silver linings amidst the broken pieces. Although it’s hard to see past the hollow pit in your stomach and red bloodshot eyes, you can look forward to a fresh start. Some of the best relationships come after a long and tearful mourning. Here’s a list of all the reasons it’s ok to have your heart broken into a million pieces. See the light at the end of the tunnel lovers!

1. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. If it didn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to happen. Don’t be in denial and plough through. You don’t owe them anything. 

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2. You lower your expectations therefore finding more chance at love. I’m kidding, but hopefully you have shed your unrealistic expectations and therefore find more happiness with your next partner. You know better what you want and don’t want in a partner.

heart, heartbroken

3. You’ll appreciate your next partner much more if they’re good to you. Your heart is slowly mending thanks to him/her and even though you’re cautious of being mad hopping in love, you appreciate their presence. Don’t fall for the nice and easy rebound though or else it can get messy after.


4. It’s an easy way to find out who your real friends are. Remember? The people that encouraged the two of you to start dating and who slowly faded to the background when you couldn’t make time for them. Use this opportunity to reconnect if you made the blunder of forgetting them. True friends will be there for you thick and thin so don’t let them get away. If ya wanna cry, cry together.


5. Warning signs are more apparent to you now that you missed them the last time. This makes you more aware and invested in the next relationship therefore adding to the chances of success.


6. You know the drill. This may be your last heart break or it may the first of many, sorry for the depressing thought, but so what? You live and you learn. You’ll never be fully prepared for emotional ache but at least you’ll know the ice-cream-hermit-life-routine down pat.

7. Refocus. We know relationships take a huge chunk out of our time and energy so take this opportunity to channel it into something enjoyable. If you ever wanted to go rock-climbing with your buddies on Sundays, now’s the time! If you wanted to get drunk with your buddies at game night, grab that bottle opener and go! One caution though: don’t throw yourself too fast into a loop and move forward when you’re ready.


8. Miss me? Yes, you. Don’t forget that you are important as well and the blame is not on you. As Jean Cirillo, PhD, a psychotherapist and consultant says to WebMD: “Just because two people can’t get along, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with either of them.” Go treat yourself to a little something something. It’s time you spent some TLC on yourself.

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9. On the other tip of the scale…if your ego was too big before and you were wearing the pants in all your past relationships, you learned how to be humble. You realize the other person was a human being that couldn’t be controlled all the time and needed space. You won’t take love for granted anymore.

10. At the end of the day, it’s better to have loved than to never have loved at all. Cheesy but true. You made yourself vulnerable and experience something not everyone finds. Don’t regret the time spent on your ex and wish them the best.

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How do you get over a broken heart?

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