5 Things You’ll Never Understand Until You’re Older

5 Things You'll Never Understand Until You're Older

We live in a society that values the young and beautiful. Where everything changes in a heartbeat, it is better to be young and fresh. Out with the old and in with the new, right? We spend thousands to millions of dollars on skincare, beauty, make up, and even surgery to maintain our youthful appearances. What people don’t realize is that getting older is not the end of the world. It is very much the opposite. We live in a society that sometimes takes for granted the fact that we are privileged enough to get older. Yes, aging is a privilege, not a right. So the next time you reminisce about your youth and how much you hate the fact that you’re getting older, think of all the reasons why getting older is a-okay.

You’re wiser

Whether you know it or not, with each year, you gain wisdom and knowledge. You gain experiences which changes you and your perspective on life. You are no longer that naive adolescent teen who didn’t know better. You are older, you are wiser, you are smarter. You are able to solve problems like you’ve never been able to before. You are able to grasp concepts faster, you learn better, you are better.

You’re more confident

After all the experiences with meeting awkward people. After the constant rejections you’ve had to face in your lifetime. You start to learn to not give a sh*t. You learn that people will judge you regardless because that’s what people do. You learn to accept your flaws and work them. You are brilliant and amazing (not that you haven’t always been) but this is when you start to acknowledge it yourself, go you!

You’re surrounded by better people

Your early years are about meeting people. You try and get to know the most amount of people as possible. You keep in touch with everyone in case they throw a cool party that you just need to go to. By the time you enter into your 30’s, you realize more people just equals more drama. Aging helps you see more clearly. You declutter your life of irrelevant, soul-sucking people.

You know what you want and how to get it

Your teen years were all about experimenting and testing the waters. You didn’t know what you wanted or who you wanted. With age, comes this wisdom of what you want in a career and love. You know what you want and you will put effort into getting it. You are no longer nonchalant or blasé about potential lovers.

Better sex life

In line with becoming more confident, you gain a new appreciation for your body. You realize that flaws are all a part of being human. You gain experience in the love-making department. You’ve experimented to know what you like, what turns you on, and what gets him off. You’re the master of your libido.

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