New Red Carpet Trend: Pelvage


The red carpet is known for showing off a little skin here and there, but the latest style trend celebs are rocking these days takes “baring some skin” to a whole new level. Say goodbye to sideboob, underboob, innerboob and underbutt and say hello to the newest red carpet trend: Pelvage.

What is “pelvage” you ask? Clothing that reveals your pelvic bones or pelvic area. This is usually done with an OMG- that’s- too-high dress slit(s) a la Kendal Jenner style or through sheer pelvic dress cut outs. Underwear is optional but not recommended and you must also own a lot of double-sided tape (our girl Iggy Azalea learned the hard way…).

This trend isn’t for the modest or those fearful of a wardrobe malfunction. I mean, one small breeze in the wrong direction and suddenly your whole who-ha is making a special appearance. And just in case that happens, for the sake of everyone involved, at least clean things up down there.  This trend is definitely not for the gal who like to keep it au naturale…

Although this trend seems to have taken off on the red carpet, we’re not too sure it will translate in real life. I guess all we can do is just wait and see.

The good:

Although showing off pelvage runs the high risk of looking trashy, we think these celebs were able to pull it off with some class.

The bad and the ugly:

90 per cent of celebrities don’t really know how to show off proper pelvage. Heck, we’re not event sure is there is a “proper” way BUT what we do know is these starlets definitely know how to make us feel uncomfortable.

Tell us:

Would you ever show off some pelvage? Is this a trend that should stay or go away?

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