What Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Teaches Us



By now you have probably seen this bootylicious music video even if it was out of curiosity’s sake. This ridiculously flashy, in-your-face video reminds us of how much centuries have changed. Here’s what we were reminded of:

1. Gone are the days of conservation…

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But you probably already realized long ago. Throughout the video, her behind is barely concealed in the tinniest of g-strings while she’s twerking lying down; just when we got used to the idea twerking against the wall was even humanly possible. A part of us wishes there could be even the teeniest of coverage because it’s no longer fun when the mystery is gone. What’s Nicki going to do next?

2. We’re still obsessed with luxury goods

myx, nicki minaj, myx anaconda, anaconda

If you had to take a shot for every product placement you saw, you’d probably be wheeled into an ambulance and passed out from alcohol poisoning. Morbid thought aside, in the four minute and fifty second span, we saw the Beats Pill, the Moscato MYX Fusions chilling in a cooler, and MateFit, the official tea of UFC. This was no sneaky advertisement, it was very in  your face but as long as you’re aware oof this marketing, you probably won’t be out placing an order.

3. Oldies live on forever

baby got back, sir mix a lot

If the tune sounds familiar to you, that’s because Nicki sampled Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” for her chorus. His No.1 hit song was released over 20 years ago and still manages to make everybody in the club go bananas (a fruit featured multiple times in the video for some reason). Classics never die even when it might be better for them to disappear, even the fanny pack made a feature!

4. Selective hate is ok

nicki minaj, skinny nicki, anaconda

Not one person on the internet will comment “these girls need a hamburger” like they would normally do on another video featuring thin women because the entire video is dedicated to women who got junk in their trunk. Thanks to the likes of Beyonce, Nicky, and Iggy, thick is the new thin. Jiggle is ok, in fact it’s super sexy. Go figure, pun intended. But when Nicki calls out the “skinny girls at the club” near the end of the song and there’s barely a whisper about it online, something’s not right. If she had bashed “fat girls at the club”, all hell would have broken loose. It’s another example of “skinny hate” being ok while any comment about curvier women would induce severe backlash. Selective hate is not ok.

5. Sex appeal wins

drake, nicki, anaconda, twitter, champagnepapiThis is pretty evident while she’s up and giving Drake a lap dance he won’t forget anytime soon. There is a lot that can be taken from this very random scene: powerful men will succumb to sex, you are in control of your own body, tease but don’t give it all up right away and the best decisions aren’t usually made you’re drunk. Nicki admitted to being wasted when filming the lap dance scene, quoting it “drunk freestyle” and we aren’t complaining. We also appreciate how she’s working out in the video and clearly an advocate of whipped cream. If you saw her VMA performance and the audience’s reaction, you’ll see why sex wins.

anaconda gif, vma nicki

How do you feel about the Anaconda music video?

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