North West’s Birthday Party Spared No Costs

North West birthday

North West's Birthday

What baby celebrity’s birthday is without controversy and glitz? North West’s birthday party definitely wasn’t quiet.

It is no surprise that Kimye threw a party for their one year old daughter, North West, that was probably all of our kid’s birthday parties combined, times 100. No costs were spared.

Like most celebrity bashes, it had a theme: Kidchella (a spin off of the renowned music festival, Coachella). And yes, guests were required to dress in festival gear.

This “dress code” caused some controversy (surprise, surprise) when Auntie Khloe Kardashian showed up in what looked like an elaborately made grand ‘Indian’, rather Native American, feathered headdress. Didn’t she learn from Victoria’s Secret and Karlie Kloss’ mistake? It definitely was not received well by the public. We can’t imagine why. 

She didn’t just wear it as a sort of fun costume- she went overboard and even acted as though she was a Chief, full out with a teepee and everything. We know it was all in good fun for North’s birthday- but you’d think being in the celebrity spotlight gives you more sensibility than to deface a culture’s sacred traditions, like this.

North West's Birthday

Beyond this, guests were absolutely spoiled- with perks such as a ferris wheel and a branded Kidchella stage. Kimye did not let us miss out on the extravagant festivities. She kept her fans posted via Instagram the entire time (we’ve compiled everything for you in the gallery below in case you missed anything).

Happy birthday North- we hope you enjoyed it (although it’s likely you won’t remember it). The only trouble is that now we’ll have kids asking their mommies and daddies why they can’t have a ferris wheel at their birthday party. Sigh.

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