Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works Limited

Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works Limited

Even though it’s important to take care of your skin (did you know that it’s the largest organ in your body?) all year round, it’s especially important to give it some extra TLC during the winter months. Not only does the cold weather dry out your skin, but the wind, snow and ice can also create friction on your skin, causing it to age and peel faster. In order to take care of ourselves, we often like to splurge on luxury skincare products that could potentially do us harm in the long run. Do you know exactly all the ingredients that go into your facial cream? Or what about your body soap? You’re applying these products directly to your skin, and it then gets absorbed into your blood stream. Would you willingly apply something that could have negative affects on your health?

Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works LimitedWhich is why so many people have chosen to go the organic route and to use products that only use natural ingredients as opposed ones with phthalates, SLS, or parabens. Inspired Soap Works Limited provides products for these niche users who also have the environment in mind as well as their health and needs. We had a chance to test drive some of their products, and let’s just say that they would rival those that you would find at your local mall.

Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works LimitedFirst up was Inspired Soap Works Limited’s Lemon Loofah Soap Slice. This glycerin based soap smelt amazing (think those little lemon candies you would eat as a child), I almost wanted to nibble on it while in the shower (that’s what happens when you don’t eat breakfast in the morning). Now embedded within the soap is a real loofah designed to be a part of Inspired Soap Works Limited’s 3-step foot care regimen. But because it smelt so heavenly, I opted to test it out as an overall body exfoliant.

Now mind you, since it’s a natural loofah, it won’t be as soft as the spongey ones that you can buy at your local Wal-mart. The abrasiveness level is much higher so take care not too scrub your skin too hard with it. The website recommends a circular motion when scrubbing, and I found that circular movements as opposed to back-and-forth rubbing was much more gentle on my skin.

I left the shower feeling refreshed, my skin buffed (but not to the point of drying), and my stomach craving to be fed. Can I have all these flavors, uhm I mean scents, please?

Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works Limited

I constantly walk around in heels all day, and I’m going to admit that I don’t take as good care of my feet as I probably should. So between using Inspired Soap Works Limited’s Cleansing Blend Dead Sea Salt Body & Foot Soak on either my body or feet, I opted for the feet (plus I don’t have a shower, so a giant bowl was all that I had to work with). There weren’t any direct instructions on the package as to how long to soak my feet, so I soaked mine for about 30 minutes (hopefully I left them in for long enough!).  According to the package, there’s a blend of French Rosemary, Australian Tea Tree, Italian Lemon essential oils as well Calandula petals that help to balance, cleanse and soothe the muscles. During the soak, I watched an episode of my current favorite TV show, but I kept getting distracted from the lemoney-tea-tree scent that continously wafted up to my nose. If I had a bathe, I could definitely see myself soaking my entire body in this sea salt blend.

After I rinsed and towel dried my feet, I noticed that they felt a lot softer and much more relaxed. The balls of my feet no longer ached from from a day of walking around in heels. The therapeutic benefits from this soak were clearly demonstrated and I’d absolutely recommend anyone who’s in the same situation as myself to pick up this blend to relax their feet.

Nourishing Your Skin With Inspired Soap Works LimitedIf I could only do one thing in terms of skincare, it would be moisturizing my lips. There’s nothing more that I can’t stand than having dry and chapped lips. They’re not only bothersome but extremely uncomfortable as well. However, I don’t just settle for any product to keep my lips moisturized. Some of my expectations and requirements are:

  • Long lasting – what’s the point of using a lip balm that disappears within one hour?
  • It can’t be waxy – I still want to be able to rub my lips back and forth without them sticking together
  • Taste pleasant – hey, sometimes you accidentally lick your lips, and who wants to taste something unpleasant?
  • Smell pleasant – for something that I’m applying immediately below my nose, if it doesn’t smell nice, I won’t use it
  • Long term results – what’s the point in using something that only delivers immediate and short term results?

Now the question remains – does Inspired Soap Works Limited’s Eucalyptus Lip Balm meet my expectations and requirements?

I applied the lip balm before I went to bed in order to determine if it would stay on the entire night while I was sleeping. And yes it did, for 7 hours. Afterwards I tried it during the day throughout my regular activities and in between drinking coffee, eating lunch and licking my lips (no obvious taste, but no bad flavor either), I found that the lip balm remained in place for about 3-4 hours before it required another application. I didn’t even mind the re-application since it smelt very refreshing each time. The eucalyptus scent was invigorating and I actually found myself looking forward to the re-application in order to strengthen the scent.

In regards to the short and long term results, in the immediate I found that my lips were moist and didn’t feel chapped. In the long term, I’ve often experienced some lip balms that have actually dried out my lips. This eucalyptus one didn’t and the texture was fairly pleasant as well. The lip balm glided on smoothly and stayed put without coating my lips in a layer of wax. So did I like it? Yes. And I have to add that it was my favorite out of the three Inspired Soap Works Limited products that I had the chance of testing out (I’m kind of a lip product junkie).

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