NYE Outfit Inspo So You Don’t Have to Think About It

NYE Outfit Inspo So You Don't Have to Think About It

We’re exactly one week away from Christmas and we’re already thinking about New Year’s Eve outfits! It’s got to be something completely different than the one that you’re planning on wearing for Christmas and of course you’ve got to go all out. If there is one party which you should be giving all your best to, then this is the one. Glitter, sparkles and rhinestones – bring it on, this is going to be the best NYE yet!

NYE Outfit Inspo So You Don't Have to Think About It

Quite possibly the easiest thing to put on since you won’t have to think twice (haha get it?) about what to match your dress with. You know those heels are coming off after a couple of drinks anyways so why does it matter if the bottom doesn’t match the top? If you’re not that into over glitterfied dresses and the sparkle, test drive some crushed velvet to still get that sheen without it becoming overkill. If it were up to us, we’d definitely go all out with large sequins to make a statement. Being the last thing of the year that everyone remembers is never a bad thing!

If you’re more into delicate dresses, try a shift/slip silhouette that’ll allow for movement, and eating space! On the flip side, if sequins are your thing, but you prefer a dulled down look, instead of reaching for gold, give a chance to some copper and brass. You never know, your NYE look might be something that can transition into the whole year if done properly. If the tin foil look is what you’re going for, then make sure that the overall aesthetic is minimal so that it doesn’t appear too over the top.

NYE Outfit Inspo So You Don't Have to Think About It

If dresses aren’t for you and you’d prefer pieces that can be recycled throughout the year, you can downplay the sequin (boo!) by exploring the world of separates. If you prefer an embellishment as opposed to a dedicated top, grab a sparkly jacket that can easily be thrown over other outfits in the future. Cute crop tops can also be reused beyond NYE in the summer time with a high-waisted skirt/shorts. If you’re wearing a busy top, make sure to pair it down with something simple. But if you like simple tops, then take the freedom to explore with interesting bottoms! NYE is the ultimate time to go crazy with what you’re wearing as long as it all balances out.

If you’re in cooler climates, make sure to grab a top with sleeves to shelter you from the cold. We’re absolutely in love with these sequined tops that would make a huge statement at any party. The beige T is a little bit more subtle that can easily be styled down into an everyday outfit, while the gold one is a little bit more of a standout piece.

NYE Outfit Inspo So You Don't Have to Think About ItNYE is never complete without something reflective. If you’re trying to play it conservative with the top, save the party side for the bottoms. Gold material is always a yes and the a trouser cut easily allows the pants to translate over into a fun work suit. If you’re more of a tunic and leggings girl (your shirt must always fall below your bum!) then grab a shiny pair to change it up from your typical black. Should the weather be warm enough or you yourself brave enough, rock out some skirts.

Channel your inner Rainbow Fish with a scallop sequined skirt, or the most Gatsby-esque diva you can be with some sparkly fringe. Pro tip: if you don’t have a fringed skirt, go to your local craft store and pick up some fringe and fabric glue to make your own. If comfort is a priority, then opt for the ever popular jogger cut and get a pair of loose sequined pants to be both trendy and comfy.

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