One Man Is Making A Profit Selling Snow From Boston For $89

Bottle Of Snow

It might seem really unbelievable for people in the Northern continent that some people in the South have never seen snow before. Have you ever seen that video of people from Australia who saw snow for the first time? Yeah, apparently it’s a miraculous thing (those of us from Canada are sitting here confounded, shaking our heads at this thought). Some people are absolutely bewildered that such a thing exists, and if they can’t travel to go see it, why not have it appear shipped to them to their home?

Yep, you can now buy snow right off the internet.

One man, Kyle Waring, from Boston, Massachusetts has thought of an ingenious idea to sell that snow that’s sitting on top of our cars and on our doorsteps. Yea, he’s seriously making money from the stuff that falls from the sky. According to his website, he’s gotten over 133 orders for orders of snow.

It starts at $19.99 for a plastic bottle of snow, and it goes up to (a discounted price of) $89 for 6 pounds of snow that’s packaged in an insulated Styrofoam container that measures 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 12″. Everything is shipped express and guaranteed to be received anywhere in the US within 20 hours.

6 Lbs Of Snow
6 Lbs Of Snow

The plastic bottle is “[prepared for] transit by freezing the snow in a bucket of dry ice. After 12hrs of freezing the snow at -109 C we ship the bottle via 2-day USPS Priority mail to any address in the United States.”

One thing Kyle does not promise is that it won’t completely melt. The water bottle does not seem to be as reliable, as you may be getting just a bottle of water in the mail the next day. Oh well. It might be a clever gag gift to send to your friends or enemies. Perhaps you should consider getting this instead of the glitter envelopes that everyone was going on about last month.

After it made the Boston news, they have gotten a record high of 30 orders in one day yesterday.

Are you going to be getting yours?

“At this rate, it’s going to be July until the snow melts,” he said. “But I’ve thought about taking this idea and running with it for other seasonal items. Maybe I’ll ship some fall foliage.”

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