The Experience of a One Night Stand

girl with alcohol

You’re drunk and your phone is dwindling at 3%. Where did your friends go? You don’t really care. The club slams the doors behind you. You topple over and you think “fuck I’m so fucked” but everyone around you is equally fucked so you’re just sitting there on the curb wondering why your head is so dizzy and how you can even manage to get up off this cold hard ground…

And suddenly there’s someone helping you up. And he looks awfully familiar. You met him earlier… Oh, it’s that cute guy you met earlier at the bar… that bought you a drink… or was it two? Or who knows? He gives you his hand and you gladly take it because you didn’t know how you were ever going to get off that cold hard ground.

You sway a bit, and the guy’s face is blurry, but he holds you close so that you don’t fall. You cling onto him, and he gives you his jacket because you don’t know where yours went. Or was it still in coat check? Who knows.. All you know is that the warmth of his body is resonating against you.

“Hey Mark, who’s that chick?” Someone yells from a distance away.

“I met her in the club earlier! I think she’s fucked.”

By leaning on him, you two slowly make it towards the group of people he was with. He laughs and talks to them. He turns to you and his blue eyes are remarkably dazzling under the streetlights. The way he smiled at you made you feel like you’ve known him for the longest time.

“So, what’s your name? Where are your friends?”

You remember going inside the club with Josey for Dave’s party. You two made it to the booth and then the bottles started coming out, so everything after that was fuzzy. The wind blowing against your face chills and sobers you up a bit so you tell them your name. You said you didn’t know where your friends were, but you assume they left already. Those bitches.

“Do you have your phone with you?” He asks.

You say yes. You take your iPhone out of your clutch and give it to him.

“It’s out of battery. How about you come with us? We’re throwing an after party at my place with a few of my friends and I got a charger for you there so you can call your friend or whatever to pick you up.”

Actually that sounded like a really good idea. He helps you into the cab and he climbs in after you. His friend gets into the front seat. He gives his address to the taxi driver. You lean your head on his shoulders and he puts his arms around you. When you two make it to his place he carries you out of the cab and up the stairs to his room. You sigh with relief upon finally being able to take your heels off. You hear people downstairs as more people begin coming in through his front door. He takes your phone and plugs it up to the charger.

“You wanna come down for the party now? We got a few more bottles left. Might as well make the most out of the night.”

You deliberate this for a few minutes before politely declining. Your feet ached from dancing all night and your muscles begged you to keep laying on his bed. He laughs and says go before leaving the room. He turns off the lights so you lay on his pillow.

Before dozing you think: I don’t know this guy. Should I be here right now?… Am I going to sleep with him?  Then you drift off. And you don’t want to think about it for the time being.

But what felt like a few minutes later you wake up, because you hear him walking in through the door. The echo of voices from downstairs are now gone. More sober than earlier, you realize what you’re about to do.

You look at him, and your body tenses up. He comes over and sits on the bed beside you. He tries to make a few lame jokes. You laugh but you just stare at his face. His lips. His dazzling blue eyes. Your half sober mind impulsively gives you the confidence to kiss him on the lips. And then more. You both stare at each other — damn, those gorgeous blue eyes. He slides his hands under your dress.

For the time being, you forget. You go with it.

You push away all your worries and your sorrows and until there was nothing left.

1 night stand

And then it was over. After the sun eclipses over the moon, your night turns into day. A complete stranger lays beside you.

You pick up your heels and your phone and you quietly make it down the stairs and out of his house.

When you get home the silence echoes around you. You call up your friends and talk about last night. You make jokes about them ditching you, and they say that you were the one that left looking for this guy you met, with dazzling blue eyes. They don’t seem to remember anything else.

No, but you remember. You remember that moment of guilt, shame, pleasure, happiness, freedom… Of fleeting euphoria.

You remember your one night stand.

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