Only 5 Things You Have to Remember For A Perfect Trip

perfect trip
Tickets are booked, butterflies are in your tummy and your friends are stoked to hashtag #jetsetlife for the next month. You’re worried about being away in a foreign country but we have the ultimate short checklist that will ensure you have a good time.

1. Keep it stress/work/email free

perfect tripPut away your smart phone and stop exchanging emails with your clients or boss. You’re on a vacation, it should be completely work free and anxiety should only occur if you’re hanging off an infinity pool. If you have piles of work to do, maybe you shouldn’t have planned a trip at this time but if you’re already there, do it right and RELAX.

2. Money is tight

Unless you have a Visa dipped in gold, don’t blow your entire month’s budget during the first three days or you’ll spend the rest of the trip scrounging for food. It’s happened to me and an ATM was not available so we hit 7-11 everyday. Absolutely hilarious to tell people back at home? Yes, but also very sad when you think about it.

3. Sh*t will happen

So just keep chugging. No trip can actually be perfect but if you think positively and stay calm no matter what gets thrown at you, you will only remember the happy outcomes and not the unnecessary arguments about who sleeps in the bigger bed. It’s honestly never as bad as you think so look at the bigger picture.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

perfect trip

No, not for the entire trip but make sure you have them with you. When you’re comfortable, there’s no telling where you’ll end up going and that’s what will make some trips extremely cool. How far could you walk in stilettos anyways?

5. Be safe and sorry

You’re not perfect, you’re on a trip and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be more reckless than usual. This doesn’t mean you should throw out all good sense and become uncontrollable. Remember your limits and it’s ok if you do some apology worthy things but your friends won’t hold it against you.

Keep this checklist at the back of your head and you’ll have an awesome trip. Spending two months in Asia definitely made me realize what was important and that was making sure I got home in one piece to share my great experiences. Pack up and you’re ready to go on your perfect trip!

What frustrates you the most when travelling?

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