Penis Size by Country: The Myths Are True!


Everyone has heard the rumors.

Once you go black, you never go back.

But what happens when you go Norwegian? Or Brazilian? Or Japanese?

It’s pretty well-known that the male sex organs of African people are larger than most, but what you might not know is that this “rule” doesn’t apply to all Africans.  The flip side of that rumor is that asian men are on the small side of the scale, but again, the “rule” isn’t always correct.  Recent studies have revealed more insight into this timeless debate.

This image from Buzz Feed explains everything we ever wanted to know about penis size by country. Or should we say, todger size?

Image obtained from Sun Media via Buzz Feed.

As you can see, Congo ranks #1 with an average of 7.1 inches, followed closely by Ecuador.  Some Western European countries sneak in amongst the top rankings: Belgium, France, Italy, and Denmark all come in over 6 inches. Americans, unfortunately, rank in at 5.1″, putting them below Russia, Japan, Australia, and Canada. The smallest on the list is North & South Korea, ranking in at 3.7″.  Perhaps Kim Jong-Un is over compensating for something?

This information for this graphic seems to have been taken from this study from 2012.  However, we are left with all sorts of questions.  Are these lengths measured while erect or flaccid? What is there to say about girth?

So tell us, femmes:

Based on your own studies, do you think these numbers are accurate? Or does penis size vary within populations just as widely as it does between populations?

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