The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

Remember back in middle school when you got your very first bra and you had to sneakily show it off to everyone (hello, exposed straps)? Well now we’ve graduated to the feeling of relief when our bra is ripped off after getting home from a long day of work. Really, why do we wear them anyways, they’re just so darned uncomfortable (but I just can’t bring myself to go outside without one on).

Sometimes though, our regular bra doesn’t work for that new summer dress. No sweat (haha no pun intended), we’ve got some nifty ways to adjust your bra so that you can still rock that backless sundress and have full support of your bazoongas.

The Convertible Bra

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

First up is the convertible bra. If you could only own one type of bra, this is the one you should have in your jungle of a closet. With a whopping 6 different ways to wear this (we’re sure there are a lot more), why wouldn’t you buy this one first?

Tip: Find one that has a thicker band in the middle so that you have the right amount of support when you’re wearing this style strapless, or else your bra may not stay up!

The Deep-Plunge Bra

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

Here’s the solution for all of those deep-plunging necklines. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re going to get the same lift and support from this type of a bra, fear not. You’ll actually have more cleavage due to the fact that the padding is placed towards the outside of the bra as opposed to the bottom. So your lovely lady lumps will get lifted and pushed closer together.

Tip: Make sure to get one with removable straps so that you can wear it with strapless dresses as well. You’ll even hit the jackpot if you are able to find one with a built in sticky liner around the outer edges of the plunge.

The Wrap-Around Extender

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

This one is a little bit different, where in you’re picking up a bra accessory as opposed to a completely different bra. The extender is basically a thick bra strap that can be adjusted with hooks at the end that can attach onto your bra. These hooks connect in the exact same way you would regularly hook your bra onto itself. Simply attach one side, then wrap the strap around to the front of your torso and back around to the back. Make sure that when you are at the back to crossover the other strap and then attach it back onto your bra.

Hint: If you need the back of your bra to be even lower, instead of criss-crossing the strap behind your back try the front. Once you’ve hooked one end of the extender onto your bra, instead of wrapping it first around your back, fold over your bra’s wings and wrap towards the front. The goal is to wrap around the front, follow around the back and then back up the front and hook onto the other side of your bra’s wing. This way you create a single strap across the back and it’ll be lower, closer towards your tailbone.

Tip: The process of wrapping the strap around your waist will help to pull in your sides and slim down your silhouette as well.

The Racer-Back Creator

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

If you’ve got a convertible bra already in your closet, then this will be a cinch for you. Just remove your straps, criss-cross them and hook them back onto your bra. On the other hand if you don’t have one of these handy-dandy bras, then this accessory is exactly what you’ll need. Your bra straps simply hook around the tabs of the circular accessory and you’ve created an instant racer-back bra!

Tip: The hook is great because you can adjust the height of where your bra straps cross. With a convertible bra, there’s only one location where your bra straps will criss-cross and it might not always be covered by your top. So keeping this accessory on hand is great for those minor details!

The Backless Bra

The Perfect Bra for Every Outfit

If you’ve got a dress with cutouts literally everywhere except for your breasts, then the backless bra is going to be your best option. Also known as chicken cutlets, these strapless contraptions cup your breasts like a second skin. This allows you to wear any kind of dress you please. Some even come with translucent flaps on the side if you’re in need of a bra with a little bit more support. If silicon isn’t your favorite option and makes your breasts feel a little heavy, try a fabric option. Make sure to let these air dry when you’re cleaning them or else you’ll cover the stickiness with towel lint!

Hint: If you’re in need of even less coverage, try the smaller version, pasties. These will literally only cover your nipples, creating the illusion that you’re wearing a bra.

Tip: Attach the bra from the bottom and then pull it upwards before you attach the rest of it to your breast to provide your ladies with a little lift.

[quote_center]So tell us: do you own any of these bras or accessories?[/quote_center]

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