Period Panties Are Changing The World

period panties
period panties
Definitely an embarrassing moment for Christina Aguilera, that period panties could have definitely solved.

What the hell are period panties?

For many in the Western hemisphere the discussion surrounding “that time of the month”, “flow”, “rag”, your period has become progressively more open. Aside from trying to hide the fact that you’re stepping out of the office to change your tampon, we can safely say that Western society has become increasingly more desensitized to the period. This isn’t quite the case for other places around the world. 

period panties

Feminist movements have been a huge proponent on making the period less taboo- thank goodness! Today we are witnessing a transformation of these feminist movements into full blown start ups- start ups that are committed to redefining the way society looks at women and their natural biology. The idea the period panties is just that- a way to further liberalize the idea of female presence in the world. Wahoo!

period panties

Thinx Period Panties Changing The World

How many times does your period decide: “Screw it. I’m going to come bug you during the more inopportune moment of the moment even though it’s a week and a half early!” You end up with a ruined pair of panties, that is for damn sure. Those red stains are much harder to get out than you first think. Not to mention, it seeps through and stains your clothes. It’s just a whole lot of horrible in one situation. Let’s be honest- because it has definitely happened to all of us, at least once.  Thinkx decided to take this uncomfortable situation all women go through and build technology that would tell IT to screw off. The developed a tech-panty! From the outside these pairs of panties look like the rest of the ones in your drawer. But it is just so much more than pretty lace and stretchy fabric. The underwear is actually made of anti-microbial, STAIN-RESISTANT, moisture wicking material. THIS THING CAN ABSORB UP TO 6 TEASPOONS OF LIQUID.  period panties


If this isn’t enough, Thinx Period Panties Are Doing Even More Good…

A huge inspiration for this technology were the girls the Thinx team met in Africa. These girls were staying home from school because it was their “week of shame”. They were using things like leaves, plastic bags, and old rags instead of sanitary pads. The Thinx team has committed to change this. They developed an extension of the company that helps woman in Africa get the materials they need to embrace their womanhood, not hide because of it. period panties

Watch Thinx’s story here about what they do:

We could not be prouder of the Thinx team and Period Panties! They are pioneering a new way of life for women around the world and a new identity for something that is a natural gift. Sure, blood is gross and bleeding for 4-7 days straight seems like the work of the devil. At the end of the day, it is part of being a woman… and THAT is something to celebrate!

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What are your thoughts of the Period Panty? Would you try one?

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