The Three Perks of Being Celibate

There’s something rewarding and a little bit fulfilling about not having sex. While you can’t argue that sex can be just as satisfying, being celibate and exercising your non-sex-filled life will help you in more ways than one – despite what you may think.

Whether you’re still a virgin, or whether you’ve decide to turn over a new leaf and save it again until marriage, being celibate is the way to go – and not just for religious purposes.

DF - Temporary

Sex is only temporary

The feelings of bliss and pleasure are only a temporary happiness when it comes to sex. We are grown in a society that treats sex like it treats water – and it isn’t water. While humans (who have done the deed) can’t deny how amazing sex is or can be, we need to start appreciating other aspects of life that can bring us a longer sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Fill your nights with reading, fill your afternoons with refreshing walks, do something or anything to make you see more than just the environment of your bedroom.

When you learn to love the life around you, without needing to have sex to aid in your excitement with life, you are blessed with a permanent sense of joy that doesn’t require your clothes be off.

Better decisions are made

How many times have you caught feelings after a one night stand? How many times have you wondered if your new bed buddy would eventually want something more? Probably at least once.

Scientifically speaking, during sex a chemical known as oxytocin is released that makes women a lot more attached to their partner. And with that chemical attachment comes the feelings of jealousy, anger, and this battle between lust versus love.

Being celibate allows you to make life decisions not blurred by your feelings or sexual desires.

DF - Celibate

You value yourself

This is not to say those who have sex don’t value themselves: they probably do. But, when it comes to being celibate you learn to value yourself without the need or influence of a male or sexual activities.

While it doesn’t necessarily apply to all women, some women do let whether they are attractive or not (in bed or otherwise) be based solely on male opinion. When you don’t let those types of thoughts taint your regular life self-appreciation becomes a huge forefront in your life.

Being celibate allows you take control of your life, waiting for that someone who values you too – for every single one of your aspects in your life, not just in bed.

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What are your thoughts on being celibate?

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