The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens’ Section

The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens' Section

The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens' Section

Being small can have it’s perks: sometimes you can pass as a teenager for certain things and save yourself quite a bit of money. On the other hand, sometimes it just straight up sucks. Especially if you have small feet. When you are a size 5-6, and the shoe you’ve fallen in love with is already too big in the smallest size available, how are you supposed to size down?

Luckily there’s a life hack for this. Shop in the childrens’ section. That’s right, you heard us. Stop going into the women’s section and check out the kids’. If the store you’re interested in doesn’t carry childrens’ shoes, well then you’re kind of out of luck. But for most brand name companies, they sell the same styles in women’s as they do in childrens’.

Take Converse for example. Many of their styles are unisex, and when looking for a women’s size 6, it tends to run a little bit larger. They don’t carry a size 5, but there is a childrens’ size 3 which is basically a womens’ size 5. Step into the childrens’ size 3 and you’d fit perfectly. The better part is that the childrens’ size 3 and womens’ size 5 fit the exact same. So what’s the point in going for the womens’ shoe section instead?

1. You’ll pay less.

The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens' Section

The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens' Section

For some odd reason, the same style but in childrens’ vs. womens’ shoes of different numbering sizes are completely different prices. At Converse, we found that a womens’ 5 was almost double the price of a childrens’ 3. What gives? Is it because they know that adults have more money to spend? It just plain doesn’t make sense. The quantity of material that goes into the making of both shoes are the exact same, so shouldn’t the prices reflect that as well?

What’s the true worth of the shoe here if the company is able to mark it up 100%? Our suggestion: buy the child sized shoe if it fits.

2. Taxes = nonexistent

In some provinces/states, childrens’ clothing and accessories aren’t taxed. Take a breather, yes it’s true, no tax. Which means that you’ll be paying for what the price tag says. Why? Because childrens’ clothing is more of a necessity than a want. Companies know that kids will be growing out of their clothes fast and you’ll be coming back for more anyways. Whereas adults buy new things purely out of enjoyment.

3. Cuter designs.

Sometimes childrens’ shoes come in patterns and prints that you may not be able to find in the adult sizes. So make sure to check them out before going straight to the womens’ section.

The Perks of Shopping in the Childrens' Section

But seriously though, why blend in with the crowd and wear normal Birkenstocks when you can rock them out glitter-fied? Or try adding some personality into your basic black flats by pickng up a pair with the cutest face embroidered onto the front. Don’t forget about your Dorothy-worthy red shoes. The gorgeous glitter capped-toes won’t quite be able to bring you home when you click the heels together, but they can definitely brighten up your day!

4. Better quality.

Perusing through Zara’s Kid section proves that some 100% leather shoes are priced at $50 ish, while polyurethane shoes in the womens’ section can be even pricier. Does it make sense to pay more for something that’s worth less? No (unless it’s a completely different style), so why not just buy kids’ shoes?


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