Pitch Perfect 2 is Getting It’s A-capella Game On!

Pitch Perfect 2 is Getting It's A-capella Game On!

Have you got your A game going, because Pitch Perfect 2 has! They’re back this year with a second round of an acapella filled movie that’ll get you more excited than when you’re watching Glee! We checked out the recently release trailer and here are our thoughts of it:

What we liked:

  • Rebel Wilson is back and we can’t wait to see what crazy antics she’s up to again. Can we also state that her accent is ridiculously adorable? If it wasn’t for Anna Kendrick, then we’d fall in love for the movie just because of Rebel WIlson.
  • The Glee-esque champion-ships? Since we no longer have Glee to look forward to, Pitch Perfect 2 gives us back that acapella championship that we’ve been longing to see again.
  • The comradery! We loved how the girls in the original Pitch Perfect banded together and can’t wait to see how far their bond will take them this time.
  • Clay Matthews’ breakaway sleeves: if there’s anything remotely nostalgic about the 90’s, we’re down with it!
  • Just because it’s a Pitch Perfect 2!

Pitch Perfect 2 is Getting It's A-capella Game On!

What was dislked:

  • The trailer didn’t make the movie out to be a comedy? The first Pitch Perfect movie had us on the edge of our seats laughing our pants off, but the second one appeared to be a little bit more serious. Is this just the way that follow-up movies go, or did the directors intend for a completely different mood?
  • The semi Ekimo kiss. Was that not weird or what? I love my friends and all, but I definitely do not want them licking my nose, especially when I’m lying down to sleep.
  • No means no. What was that last scene where Rebel Wilson was saying no to sex but following up with a wink? It pokes fun at the entire “No means no” culture and goes backwards agains the whole educational campaign. Get your act together Pitch Perfect 2 writers!

Tell us:

[quote_center]Will we find you in the theatres on May 15, 2015?[/quote_center]

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