Post Graduate Certification: Your Career Change

So you’ve spent 4 years or so on your undergrad, and now you realize that you need to do something with your life. However, finding a job in a competitive job market is very difficult and even impossible. A solution to this is turning to more schooling for help.

Many new grads make a decision to go take a Post Graduate Certification. Post Graduate Certification programs take place at a local college or university. It is generally a 1 year program that allows you to specialize in a specific career field. Anyone can apply to these Post Graduate Certificates as long as you have completed an under graduate studies in college or university. So if you have wanted to explore your options for additional school, let’s take a look at Post Graduate Certifications.

Who Goes to Post Graduate Certification Programs?

Post Graduate CertificationIndividuals who go to get their post graduate certification are those who want to specialize in a specific field AND want to get hands on experience.

The Post Graduate Certificate programs are for people who now want industry – specific learning. That means that it is hands on and relevant to what the workplace industry needs – not what your textbook tells you.

Employers want to hire those who have hands on experience. This can come from joining clubs, internships, co-ops and relevant work experience. However, if you missed out on that in your undergrad you can redeem yourself in a Post Grad. It generally include a period where you will be able to work as an intern for another company. Which is a huge bonus!

How Much Does a Post Graduate Certification cost?

A Post Graduate Certificate Program are generally less than 1 year at an accredited university. Seneca offers a Human Resources Management Certificate program that costs $6,487 for two semesters without the costs of textbooks.

Cons of Post Graduate Certifications

Post Graduate Certification Your Career Change 1A Post Graduate Certification is an amazing way to gain industry – specific experience, however, there’s a catch. For those who are used to taking 5 courses per semester, you are in for a train wreck. Due to the time constraints of the post graduate, the course load is heavy.

Per semester, you may have to take 6-8 courses. This means that once you make a commitment to Post Graduate education – you need to commit your time to it.  So you can say goodbye to your social life. Remember though, a little bit of extra time and care in these programs will allow you to land a profession that will change your life forever.

How To Apply?

To apply for these Post Graduate Certifications, you need to find a college or university that suits your needs. This includes programs, courses, availability and cost. You must have already completed an undergrad to be eligible for a post graduate certificate.

Different schools have different qualifications including: portfolios, resumes, essays  and GPA. There are also due dates to consider as well, take them seriously have give yourself enough time to complete your application.

Also, ask the program coordinators for advice. They are very helpful in updating you on what you need for a successful application.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Post Graduate Certificates

Post Graduate Certification Your Career ChangeBesides accelerating your career, post graduate certifications are good for those who change their careers. These programs are meant for fast tracking and in-depth skill building that you can not find in a university course.

Many individuals who do find success in through post graduate certifications gain valuable industry knowledge, and the ability to network with like-minded people.

Career sites like Talent Egg, explain the value of a Post Graduate Certificate from a industry professional point of view.


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