The Clitoris: What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You

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It’s a bird, it’s a button, it’s a penis… Nope. It’s the Clitoris.

Everyone refers to it as something different: the little man in the boat, the pleasure button, a woman’s penis, the list goes on. At the end of the day, facts are facts- and the clitoris is the only organ in the human body that exists solely for pleasure. Yes, it is an organ. Its power is undoubtable and as much as we agree that sex is not only meant for pleasure, the clitoris seems to be on a one track mind. As women ourselves, we don’t think that the clitoris and female sexual pleasure should be shunned but rather praised. All hail the clitoris!

There are many things about the clitoris that you probably don’t know- and if you have an aversion to talking about it, well you’re not the only one. Many women suppress their sexual desires and avoid talking about it because they feel that it’s “not becoming”. We’re all about honesty and openness though and we think that there needs to be a restructuring in the talks of female sexuality.

That being said, scroll through and find out some things about your own body and your pleasure button that you probably didn’t know! We welcome you to share it with your partner too. It is sure to bring a little bit more pleasure into your sex life, we’re sure.

Female Sexuality
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1. It’s a big ball of nerves

Although the clitoris seems tiny, it actually has at least 8000 sensory nerve endings in it. To put it into perspective, the penis has 4000. These 8000 nerve endings actually also spread throughout a woman’s pelvic area, affecting up to 15 000 nerve endings, so the sensation is amplified exponentially. So yes, a little bit of tongue and stimulation on it goes a long way.

2. It may look little, but it’s actually not

The part of the clitoris organ that you actually see is only one quarter of the actual organ. The rest of it is inside your body and functions through a whole lot of different parts. It’s more complicated than you think. If you look at the anatomy of it, it looks like the organ hugs you. How sweet.

3. Every clitoris is different, just like you

Every woman’s clitoris, just like her body, is different and unique. This is a good reason why women need to explore their sexuality. We encourage masturbation. As tough as that is to say, it’s really a celebration and a learning experience of your body.

4. Historically, the clitoris was a key player

Well it didn’t discover any new territory, but Marie Bonaparte was quite infatuated with hers. She even tried to have hers surgically moved in the hope that it would increase her orgasms from vaginal intercourse.

5. Even the Ancients appreciated the clit

Clitoris derives from the Greek word that means “key”. Perhaps, this insinuates that it is the key to female orgasms… we don’t dispute that.

6. It is a hidden penis, after all

Well, kind of. As fetus, we all start off with the same genital tissue. Except after about 12 weeks, we start developing genitalia. In some ways though, the clitoris is still very much like a penis: it swells when stimulated, it has foreskin (the hood), and has glands. It would be funny if we all began measuring and comparing now, wouldn’t it.

7. It’s a grower, not a shower

For all of its life, the clitoris is hidden, like a gem. This doesn’t mean it stays the same size though. We like to say that it appreciates. That is to say, it grows as you get older, amounting to be 7 times larger than it was when you were born.

8. It doesn’t get much attention

Just recently has female sexuality come to the forefront of discussion. We would argue, not enough. The clitoris and the power of it has been like a secret of the Illuminati- every one knows it’s there but no one actively talks about it, so that they don’t seem crazy. This is horrible and is something we aspire to change.

Tell us:

Is the clitoris something that needs more attention?


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