Pre-Workout Foods for the Runner

You’re up early and ready to race out the door for your morning run. Instead of reaching for the sugary granola bar, fill yourself up with something nutritious. Cardio will make your heart pump and your muscles ache so fuel the body right. Here are some awesome pre-workout foods to keep you happily running:

Preworkout Food

This super fruit is filled with potassium and natural sugars so you’ll be going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Throw it in between slices of bread or the blender for a quick banana fix. Brownie points: vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate.

Preworkout Foods

Greek or low fat yogurt will go great with fresh fruit in an instant energy drink that isn’t Redbull. It will help with digestion and the calcium will make your bones strong. Brownie points: magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-12.

Preworkout Foods

Oatmeal, bread, muffins, or cereal, take your pick of these hearty grains and your body will thank you later. Complex carbs take longer for your stomach to break down so the energy is released in intervals and you won’t feel hungry quickly. Add some jam or honey for flavour and another kick of fuel. Whole grains don’t have to be boring! Brownie points: iron, dietary fiber.

Preworkout Foods

Unsaturated fatty acids and probiotics never hurt anybody! They’re great as a topping or on their own so load up on these goodies. Don’t go too overboard with the nuts, a handful of them and a bowl of berries is a great sized portion. Brownie points: vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids.

Preworkout Foods

The healthy fats and protein content in natural peanut butter will leave you satisfied for your entire run. You can easily use it as a spread or dip so no reason not to eat it! Unless you’re allergic of course…Brownie points: vitamin E, potassium.

There you have it! Great pre-workout foods for the runner. Whether you’re just starting or an avid pro, keep these healthy snacks in mind before you hit the pavement. Try to ingest your breakfast 45 minutes before you leave the house so your digestive system has some time to keep up. No heavy meals

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