Why (Pretty) Accent Pillows Are Important

accent pillows

You’d be surprised… pillows make a difference.

When you think about it, you spend almost half of your life on your pillow (it’s the same reason why they say to invest in a good bed). Investing in a good pillow can either make your sleep dreamy and delightful or painful and nerve-pinching.

Beyond the health purposes, pillows are also your go-to accent pieces when you’re decorating. This goes, not only for your bedroom, but any room you lounge in. The look of accent pillows in a room gives you a sense of warmth and are very welcoming. Yes, the type that you don’t sleep on, and that rest on your couch, are referred to as: cushions, not pillows. Regardless, they’re important elements.

That is definitely not say that you should overload your home with pillows- but the right pillows in the right spots are just what some homes need as the final touch. Often, they won’t come with your couch (if they do, and they match the upholstery of your couch, throw them away immediately!) … These are the two biggest pillow-using mistakes people make. 

You DON’T want your place to look like this (aka Accent Pillow OVERLOAD):

The Accent Pillows:

Find something that compliments are contrasts your room’s aesthetic. If your room is all muted or neutral colours, try adding a pop of colour with your accent pillow. If everything in the room are solid colours, try finding a nice print that compliments them well.

These are some good examples of how to use accent pillow:


Accent Pillows On a Budget:

There are great places to find low-cost, wallet saving, accent pillows. Try discount mega-stores like TJ-Maxx, Marshalls, and yes, even Walmart. If you really want to cut costs, you can do it as a DIY project as well.

Check out our DIY Accent Pillow tutorial here.

Accent Pillow DIY

Tell us:

Are accent pillows a bunch of bogus? Or do they have merit to them?

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