6 Problems You Face When You Have A Food Allergy

Problems You Face When You have a Food Allergy

Life is wonderful because of food. But even food loses some of its charm when you have a food allergy. When your body is prone to reacting badly to some foods, you are subject to these problems:

1. “May contain traces of …”

So does it contain it or not? Am I going to die if I eat this or not? The worst part of this label is that most of the times, it won’t contain any of your allergen. This just means that the product is made in a factory where they also produce things with your allergen. Most of the time that brownie that you really want to eat that “may contain traces of x” is completely safe for you. And you miss out.

2. Travelling to countries where you don’t speak the language

Imagine going to Italy and not being able to try the gelato. And mind you, there are gelato shops literally everywhere. You can’t explain to the shop owner that you might potentially die if you eat something with your allergen, because you can’t speak Italian. How do you ask which of the (intensely tempting and delicious looking) gelato flavours have nuts? How do you explain that your gelato must be scooped from a clean scooper that hasn’t potentially touched a Nutella gelato? That’s what it’s like when you have a food allergy.

Problems You Face When You have a Food Allergy


3. Waiters at restaurants going frantic

When you have a food allergy, waiters go insane. They take a super long time running back and forth to the chef, and still aren’t able to answer if a dish contains your allergen. They recommend the most boringest thing on the menu. The worst part is when you can’t eat dessert. As a kid, being allergic to nuts, they’d give me a fruit plate. Or something not dessert-y, while all the other boys and girls got cake or pudding or ice cream with their kids meal.

4. The dreaded EpiPen

Problems You Face When You have a Food Allergy

Girl, that needle is huge. And what makes it scary isn’t just the size — the EpiPen is basically a psychopath and plays with your mind. When you open the cap of the EpiPen, you don’t see the needle. It’s flat. You need to punch it into your thigh before the actual villain pops out. Except that it doesn’t pop out immediately — it waits. It waits a few seconds before popping out and killing a part of your epidermis. And those few seconds are the longest, scariest, most suspenseful and mentally draining seconds ever.

5. When people give you food gifts that contain your allergen

It’s so awkward when people give you food gifts that you can’t eat. “Oops I might die if I eat this, but like thanks.” People took the time to think of you and you, due to your food allergy, unfortunately can’t appreciate it.

Or you bite into it and realize it contains the thing you’re allergic to and have to find a sneaky way to spit out the poison without them seeing. Problems You Face When You have a Food Allergy

6. Cross contamination

Say you’re eating ice cream with a bunch of your friends. Say you can’t eat chocolate. One of your friends is eating chocolate ice cream. You watch them and their cone like a hawk. Because your friends are sure to want to try everyone else’s flavours, am I right? But if she or anyone else dips their spoon into the chocolate ice cream, they are automatically disqualified from trying yours. Because of your food allergy, you cannot participate in the communal ice cream sharing (but maybe that’s a good thing).

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