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Even if you don’t live in Canada, you either know of the struggle or know someone who struggles to ship things into the country without their credit cards being charged excessive amounts of taxes and fees. And for any self-declared shoppaholic, this is basically a nightmare come true – every single time you shop out of the country. So what do you do? Well there’s the very obvious option of skipping the border to pick up some goodies, but not everyone has the time or way of getting there. So some of us resort to actually paying these fees and well, when the day is over, we’re gipped out on a lot of money just because certain brands aren’t necessarily accessible within Canada (without the additional hefty fees).

Long story short, Pursebox was created to fill in the gap between fast fashion and haute couture. There’s a large disparity between cheap-quality purses and ones that are the equivalent of putting down a down payment for a brand new car. So for those of us who want better purses, but aren’t a fan of depleting our savings, the selection within Canada is slim. Sure, you can easily shop online and have one shipped to you, but those 20-30% additional fees aren’t ideal (and you wonder why so many of us just throw things into our shopping carts and let them sit there).

Pursebox's Duty-Free Shopping Brings New Brands To Canada

With good quality brands that are on trend and sourced world-wide, Pursebox aims to deliver the fun back into shopping without bleeding you dry.

And for someone who claims to be an expert at online shopping, you may be wondering about the return policy. Why would you bother committing to something that you can’t even try on in person? There are so many factors that go into buying a bag (ie. weight, size, design, strap design, etc.) that committing to one online without ever seeing it for yourself can be intimidating. But unlike many other online boutiques, Pursebox actually offers a 30 day return policy that also includes sale items. Surprise, surprise! They’ve been consumers before and know how much of a guessing game online shopping can be – and they sympathize.

Pursebox's Duty-Free Shopping Brings New Brands To Canada

So if you order a cute purse but then see some new ones released and decide that you’d rather those, there’s no foul in returning your previous purchase for something else that you’ve set your eyes on! And have we mentioned that they’re also quite on time with collection releases? You might just be going back often to see what’s new and what’s hot!

Better yet, save yourself some doubt by hitting up the site’s founder, Ania Kuskowski, on Pursebox’s chat option and get her immediate advice and answers to all of your burning questions. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!

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