Ray Rice Fiancée Knockdown – Why do we stay?

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Recently in headlines, the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is seen in a video knocking his fiancée out cold. Not only did he hit her twice and handled her like a sack of flour to drag her out of the elevator, she married him one month after it happened. All was captured for the world to see and although it was shocking, we have to ask, what else is new?

After the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident and the backlash he got, we thought it would help end the unnecessary assaults but then came along Jay Z and Solange, then Emma Roberts, then The Dream…you get the idea. So the question to ask now is why does this happen and why do the victims stay?

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1. “It was all for love”

It was all an act of love. They let their feelings run off unchecked and suddenly they lashed out. When has love been expressed through violence, when has it been represented by a bloody nose? Love is expressed through acts of kindness and a tender touch for those who weren’t aware.

2. “It’s the last time”

They would never do it again because it was just that one time and things got out of hand. Haven’t you heard that once a cheater, always a cheater? The same applies to domestic violence, if they have brought their fist down on you once, there is no stopping them from doing it again. Why would you want to stick around and find out? Things can end badly the next time and regret is never something you want to live with.

3. “It will make me stronger”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Wrong. Fights and the communication that goes on between two people builds the relationship because they hear each other out. No one is listening when fists start flying. It is an act of disrespect and spite for the other person. What will make you stronger is knowing when to walk away and never look back.

If we continue to dote out slaps on the wrists for terrible acts, the violence isn’t going to stop and more absurd videos like this one will pop up. The Baltimore Ravens finally got it right by terminating Ray Rice’s contract with them this afternoon.

What would you tell your friend if she was in an abusive relationship?

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