8 Reactions To Have When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged


There will likely be a point in your 20s when you’ll start noticing a flux of engagement posts and photos on Facebook and Instagram. It’s inevitable really so there’s no point trying to shelter yourself from it. Seeing the photos and realizing that someone you know is getting married is all fun and games until it hits close to home. The moment someone in your friend circle, let alone your best friend, takes the leap, a whole new set of emotions rushes into your mind. Wait, just because you are a grown up now, you’ll still be my friend, right?!

1. You’re initial reaction is probably a moment of genuine happiness. That girl you’ve known for a significant amount of your life just found the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Yay!

 2. Wait, if she’s engaged, should you consider using Tinder more seriously or perhaps you should consider an online dating service like eHarmony to find your one true love.


3. Then there is the very minor issue that you may be in the bridal party, which means you need to accept the fact that your next few pay cheques will have to go to the dress fund. A dress that you might not even like.

4. You experience a split second of jealously because from the dress, to the location, to the happiness, it’s all beautiful.


5. But then you realize your go to buddy for everything no longer exists because she is now in a different place of her life. Prepare to start doing things alone and/or adopt new friends.

6. And if you can’t find new friends, the next few months of your life will consist of helping her in the planning because after all, you are happy for her right?


 7. Your wine nights will go from catching up on life events to managing her Pinterest board.

8. It all sounds decent until you realize that you are still single and your night consist of binge watching Netflix with your good friends, Ben and Jerry.


Despite all of these emotions, you know that it’s okay. She will always be your best friend because her new hubby didn’t know her through the bad hair cuts or the braces, and if you can still love her through that whole mess, then that my friends, is what we call true love.

What happened when your BFF got engaged?

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